Wikileaks’ Founder Julian Assange Soon To Publish Book, Entitled Cypherpunks: Freedom And The Future Of The Internet

Posted on Oct 9 2012 - 5:21am by Editorial Staff

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange soon to publish a book, entitled Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, the Guardian reports. The book will be published in both paperback and electronically medium on November 26 while US-based Jacob Applebaum, Jeremie Zimmermann from France and German Andy Müller-Maguhn are listed as co-authors of the book. The book contains text which is largely based on a transcript of an interview Assange conducted for an episode of his TV show, The World Tomorrow. According to the publisher, here are some of the topics it will address:

“Do Facebook and Google constitute “the greatest surveillance machine that ever existed,” perpetually tracking our location, our contacts and our lives? Far from being victims of that surveillance, are most of us willing collaborators? Are there legitimate forms of surveillance, for instance in relation to the “Four Horsemen of the Infopocalypse” (money laundering, drugs, terrorism and pornography)? And do we have the ability, through conscious action and technological savvy, to resist this tide and secure a world where freedom is something which the Internet helps bring about?”

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