Why Will I Need An Injury Attorney In Denver?

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Denver is the capital of Colorado State and also its most populous city. It is no doubt a lovely city but it also has its fair share of the challenges that come with urbanization and a large population.

One of these challenges is the rate of road accidents. This is said to be increasing despite the efforts being made by the DPD (Denver Police Department). Get more details here.

Given the above, the likelihood of the average road user requiring the services of an injury lawyer is higher than it used to be. It is not only road users that are at risk. There are other scenarios which we shall try to expound on a bit more in the next section.

Who is an Injury Attorney?

To help you get a better understanding of this topic, we shall begin from looking at who this type or attorney is and what they do.

This is an attorney who specializes in helping folks who have been injured as a result of an accident get proper compensation. All of the process leading up to the compensation settlement is guided by personal injury law.

The attorney will examine your case to determine if it has merit. Based on their findings, you will be advised on whether to discard it or proceed with it. If you are to proceed with it, they will guide you through the entire process to ensure you get as much compensation as possible.

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is an arm of the law that details how matters relating to injuries arising from accidents and other such occurrences should be handled. In this law, the term “personal injury” includes bodily harm, psychological and emotional distress as well as illnesses. This law applies in any instance where any condition that fits into any of the afore mentioned classes of personal injuries arises as a result of the actions or inactions of another.

There are two critical points that this law demands proof of from the complainant. The first is that the causative factor was indeed the direct result of an act of negligence or malice on the part of the defendant. The second is that the personal injury which they are now forced to suffer is also a direct outcome of the previously mentioned act of negligence or malice by the defendant.

You can get a fuller explanation here: http://www.lawplainandsimple.com/legal-guides/article/personal-injury-explained.

Sample Scenarios

Let us quickly look at a few examples in which this law may be applicable.

Road Accidents

This is a common scenario. A driver who gets involved in an accident while making a call, texting, driving under the influence etc., is automatically negligent and can be made to compensate the victim(s).

Product Liabilities

If a product causes its users some harm, this also qualifies.

Government Negligence

If government managed utilities cause harm to the members of the public they can sue for compensation.

Trips and Falls in Public Spaces

Ever wondered why people place “Wet Floor” signs while mopping public places? If these signs are not there and a person falls and gets injured, they can file claims. Same applies if a lose tile or something else that could have been fixed causes injury.

Other examples abound like medical malpractices or negligence, work related injuries and many more. These are things your lawyer will advise you on.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

You can only get the best and most adequate compensation when you have an attorney who knows exactly what they are doing. This means that one of the most important tasks before you is to find that lawyer who will get you the best result.

Here are a few ways to go about finding this person.

Ask for Referrals

This has been shown to be the most reliable way of getting the best service providers and professionals. The referrer will be basing their recommendation on firsthand knowledge. If you can get this from those around you, that will be great.

Perform a “Near Me Search”

This is a second option to consider when you cannot find any recommendations from folks you trust. Simply go to Google or other search engines and search for “Denver injury attorneys” or “injury attorneys in Denver”. Any of these two terms will give you a list of firms in your area that you can consider.

Don’t Forget Reviews

Reviews help you get more information about a firm without having to first deal with them. In the search you carried out above, you will find that the search engine recommended three top firms. The first of these is Zaner Harden Law.

Under this firm, you will see a rating which represents the score that their previous clients gave them based on how they loved their work with the firm. Click to read these reviews so you can know exactly what these clients have to say about any of the firms you want to consider.


While you may never get to need one of these attorneys, there is no harm in knowing how to reach one should a need for one arise. Remember that it may not be you directly but it may be a family member or a loved on. It’s better to be ready and not need one than to need one and not be ready.

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