Why Being An Entrepreneur Today Is Easier Than Ever

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 3:35pm by Editorial Staff

Do you have a passionate business idea that you can’t wait to get off the ground? The challenges of initiating your business can now easily be overcome. Through technological advances and the growing acceptance and encouragement of entrepreneurship, there hasn’t been a greater time than now to kickstart your start-up. Multiple levels of government, corporate businesses and the local community all stand as support for small business owners to develop their idea to contribute to the greater society. Here are the tops reasons why being an entrepreneur today is easier than ever.

Community marketplace

Buying and selling products and services has never been more convenient. You now can access a larger customer base through online platforms and easily manage sales and inventory. Sites such as Gumtree Jobs allow you to promote your service in an easy and effective platform where potential customers and clients can conveniently find your business via geographical or service type classifications. Since you are in the early stages of your business, this is also a great method of reaching out to your local community to find potential business partners or staff to assist you with your new business. Simply post your job listing onto Gumtree and manage candidates and responses via the app and control directly from your smartphone or tablet devices.

Greater niches

Entrepreneurship has always been an exciting venture, but even more so now with the increased demand and public preference to a wider range of unique niches. There is a greater acceptability in all pursuits of interests where most niches have formed and dense communities that are alive and thriving. You can choose to venture into the field of technology and develop a program, marketing software or gaming application, or otherwise develop business idea surrounding beauty therapy, catering services or musical products. Ensure that you have a substantial market demand and potential customer base to ensure that you will receive continuous sales and that your business will remain profitable. The niche should be specific but also must be high in demand to ensure the long-term viability of the business.

Support from the locals

If your business is focused on promoting social and environmental good or benefiting the overall quality of life, you will be almost certainty to attain community support for your business idea. Not only will you receive support from people within your local community, but also from people across the world when they discover your story and business idea. Shareability is the key to exposing and raising awareness about your product or service and can be easily spread through social media. You can also access support from the local government through funding and initiatives that aim to support new small businesses. There are available tools and resources provided by the government and corporate firms that support and assist entrepreneurs such as providing online business video tutorials and information.

Develop skills at your own pace

Developing skills has never been easier where business textbooks and resources are available electronically and can be accessed from multiple devices. There are also alternative forms of learning such as watching informative educational videos such as a TED talk and drawing animation such as VideoScribe. You can also enrol in short online courses and earn a qualification or certificate in your specialised area as well as gain general leadership and entrepreneurship skills that are required for you to run your business more efficiently. Conferences and industry meet ups are regularly held where you can learn business strategies from other successful entrepreneurs within the industry. These are effective approaches to upskilling as you can learn at your pace and around your own work and personal schedule.


Platforms such as Kickstarter and Crowdfunder are created to give entrepreneurs a way to receive revenue to fund their projects and initiate their new businesses ideas. Websites such as Patreon are targeted specifically to artists and those in the creative field where fans can subscribe a monthly amount for you to develop regular quality content.

Support networks

Through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, making connections and gaining advice has been made simple, managed from the convenience of your smartphone. Building professional relationships have become much easier where you can broaden your network to a wider range of people within the industry. The professional networking platform also allows entrepreneurs to share content relating to your business idea. This often leads to comments and discussions with other like-minded people within the industry where you will be able to connect and grow your professional network.

Digital software

Does your business need a digital banner for your social media pages? Or perhaps a nice eye-catching logo? You can easily create one yourself via sites like Canva Pro and upload your design. You can also take advantage of cloud computing software that allows you to easily store and retrieve data. There are so many ways the development of a business website has been made easy with various tools that allow you to create a design that is suitable for your business idea. You can also incorporate Shopify for your e-commerce business and track inventory using management tools such as Jetti and TradeGecko that are apps connected directly to Shopify.

No matter the stage of experience you have within your industry, it’s never too early or late to start your entrepreneurship lifestyle. Pursue your passions as this is the peak time for you to initiate. With the knowledge you now have as a push to get the cogs running, you’re ready to get your business into action. So, what are you waiting for?

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