Which Websites Are Selling TikTok Likes For Money

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 8:05am by Editorial Staff

Tiktok is a widely growing social media platform that allows you to upload short one-minute videos that your followers and the rest of the world can see. Through this application, many TikTok stars have emerged who have managed to rack up a massive following on the app and other platforms.

One of the main ways through which you can gain popularity and a big following on the app is through the likes you get on your videos. Some people, who are a little too impatient when it comes to TikTok fame have managed to find different ways to get likes.

One of those ways is buying likes from various websites. Several websites charge money to give your videos likes. The number of likes depends on how much you’ll be paying.

If you’re looking for a website that offers such services, you’re in luck as we will be listing down a couple of them for your ease.

Websites That Sell Likes

In this section, we will be looking at some of the prominent websites on the internet that allow you to buy likes and followers from them. You will have to pay a certain amount of money online, depending upon the size of the likes you want. Let’s look into some of the names:

#1 – Tik-Boost

Tik-boost is one of the most popular sites on the internet for buying TikTok followers and likes. They provide one of the best growth services for your TikTok profile. The best part about the site is that it allows you to build a custom community to target precisely the type of audience that will align with the kind of content you’re posting.

An advanced filter system allows you to precisely narrow down your target market and gives you the freedom of tapping into the market that matches your tone.

#2 – TikTokPalace

Feel like you’re raking your brains out trying to understand the TikTok algorithm? The mystery’s officially solved! Make it work for you, buy TikTok likes today, and see the results of the app’s algorithm promoting your videos and featuring them to a brand new audience!

#3 – ForYouPage.club

ForYouPage.club is another unique growth service website for TikTok. The website offers different pricing plans for you to choose from. These plans have pre-determined numbers of followers and like that you will get. You might see slow growth at the start, but eventually, your account will start to see some exponential growth.

One great thing about this site is the fact that it’s completely safe. The website’s automation bots have a specific limit to their action that they will perform each day. This keeps the TikTok algorithms from detecting you.

#4 – BoostMyTikTok

BoostMyTikTok is the most refined website for providing TikTok likes and followers. They are a properly established website that makes sure to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

It even allows you to increase the engagement ratio of your profile.
And all of that is possible because it gives you the great option to choose your target audience and narrow it down to the people who would like your content.


Buying TikTok likes is a faster way of getting engagement and followers on your website. Although there is a risk in doing so, these websites ensure complete safety, so you can pay and get the desired amount of likes quickly.

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