What You Need to Know About Power Surge

Posted on Dec 10 2019 - 9:44pm by Editorial Staff

A power surge is an electrical term that means oversupply of voltage from the power distribution company. Although surge happens in a short period with less than a thousandth of a second, they usually reach more than a thousand of voltage when they arrive at the equipment and can damage it instantly. However, some of the power surges happened within our reach. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common causes of power surges inside your property.

Common Cause of a Power Surge

High Power Rated Electrical Devices

Water pumps, air conditioners, and refrigerators are some of the electrical devices that require high power consumption. When these devices switch on, it will cause immediate power increase, which may affect other appliances in your house.

Damage Circuit Breakers

Although circuit breakers can be your most excellent shield when it comes to power-related issues, it can also be your worst nightmare if they are damaged. Make sure to check and execute proper maintenance to your circuit breaker. Conduct a series of the test using an electrical tool such as ammeter and megger tester to check the durability of a particular circuit breaker. Replace the circuit breaker immediately if the parameters didn’t meet the standard.

Substandard Electrical Wiring

Another major cause of power surge is faulty wiring. Substandard wiring can worsen the situation. When a power surge strikes your home with more than a thousand of voltage, it will pass through the substandard wires. It can cause severe damage not only to your appliance but also can lead to a potential fire. Poor wiring will need to replace straight away. Consult a professional electrician for your home’s wiring issues, especially if you have an older property.

Old Electrical Appliances

Old electrical appliances must be replaced by new and high-efficiency unit because it draws more power. Meaning, old machines are more potential to cause power surges when it suddenly stops drawing power. Nowadays, high-efficiency units are available in the market that has unique features. Big thanks to the advanced technology such as voltage regulator and Empro Shunts that can minimize that flow of voltage spikes. Besides, it can also save you money on your energy bills

Maintain Your Home Safe from Power Surges

Below are some measures you can provide to reduce the risk of a power surge in your home.

Provide surge protection on each appliance. A surge protector is a design to protect any electrical devices from oversupply voltage. It limits the voltage supply by either blocking or shorting to ground any undesired energies above its safe limit.

Provide high-quality consumable materials. Never settle for cheap and low-quality power plugs — high-quality purchase equipment to protect your appliances.

Unplug the appliances switch that is not in use. The easiest way to prevent damage to devices is to unplug it directly from the electrical source when not in used. This method will surely hinder your appliance from getting damaged during power surge because the supply is completely disconnected to the power.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance. Contact professional electricians and let them conduct a series of tests to your electrical components to know whether they are still working efficiently. Power surges will surely harm your electronic devices and property instantly. However, with basic knowledge about power surge, we can prevent your property from getting damaged. Just apply those simple steps above so you can have a tension-free property.

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