What Would You Do For $4.99? Meet Hubwit – Your Daily Surprise

Posted on Oct 10 2012 - 10:50am by Editorial Staff

$4.99 – Yes, $4.99 even less than $5, what comes in that in today’s time, have you ever actually tried to think up of that what in real you can do or get for that amount. Well, if you not thought of doing or receiving skills and/or services in that amount, I have something to share with you: Hubwit – Your daily surprise. Hubwit is a social network of services from around the world. It’s a marketplace for wits that are priced at $4.99, giving the buyer reasons to smile.

One can sell and buy skills and/or services for $4.99, means one can create a wit for small services on the site and can accept wits. Wits prices are fixes as $4.99 and buyers can order wits and are required to pay for the wit in advance. The idea is a kind of awesome and also entertaining as it allow sellers to connect with buyers and vice versa. Task performers will be given a positive feedback score (if your task completed to your standards).

Skills are divided into categories, including Advice & Tips, Arts & Design, Astrology, Astronomy, Business, Cars & Moto, Fashion, Fun & Bizarre, Gifts, Graphics & Logo, Lessons, Schools and Translations, Music & Audio, Programming & Informatics, Psychology, Recipes & Cooking, Social Media Marketing, Technology, Travel & Postcards and Video & Foto.

Hubwit offers its seller a way of recognition and as a token of appreciation will increase sellers their seller level and let you earn more money. There are three levels it offers: Starter Seller, Pro Seller and Top Rated Seller. Starter Seller means if you have completed 5 to 29 orders with at least 90% positive feedback, you can offer one extra wit.

Pro Seller means if you have completed 30 to 49 orders with at least 90% of positive feedback, you can offer 3 extra wits and Top Rated Seller means if you reached 50 orders with at least 90% of positive feedback. You can offer 5 Extra Wits + you will have a VIP client support.

Well, I must say and even recommend strongly giving Hubwit a try, you will definitely love it.

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