Twitter’s CEO Costolo Addresses University Of Michigan’s Spring 2013 Graduating Class

Posted on May 6 2013 - 10:14am by Ric Savage


The micro-blogging giant CEO Dick Costolo on Saturday addressed the students of University of Michigan’s Spring 2013 graduating class, with sharing and asking them to be bold, courageous and be in this moment. He also shared insights from his life as well as from his graduation days and the lessons he learned from his comedic experience and what at position he stands now as CEO of Twitter.

Costolo even shared one such moment of life when where he being stand and was in position on to whether to go for a job with tech companies or to have a life as a comedian with the Second City troupe in Chicago. Asking students to be bold and courageous, Costolo shared an example from his past when he being asked by to describe a specific scene on stage, while there was nothing out there.

To hear whole of his words you can make a move directly to UM News Service YouTube’s link.

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