Why Should Turkey Be Your Next Holiday Destination?

Posted on Mar 5 2018 - 7:02am by Editorial Staff

Across the internet there are millions of reviews, comments, adverts and recommendations for incredible places to holiday – but where should you really choose? Of course when you have something that you specifically want to see or experience, it is definitely easier to narrow down your choices for your next holiday destination. However, what if you do not know what you would like to do or see? This is more difficult as you can get overwhelmed by all of the choices available – from the luxurious to the rustic and the expensive 5-star holiday resorts to cheaper backpacking hostels.

On average many countries only offer select types of activities. However, a small number of countries have been highly rated across all types of holidays like Turkey has. Each year at least one part of Turkey gets into the top 25 rated categories on websites such as TripAdvisor. Within the tourism industry many companies get awarded excellence. Alaturka Turkey has received this award for at least 2016 and 2017 due to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Coming to book a holiday is not always about the reviews. Sometimes it’s about what activities are available. Turkey does not disappoint as there are many day trips such as jeep safaris, paragliding over ancient wonders, and mysterious city escapes.

One popular way to experience Turkey is by gulet cruise. These traditional boats take a long-standing Turkish style and blend it with modern luxury. Alaturka Cruises is a company that specialises in running these type of tours and aims to make the experience relaxing while showing an assortment of what Turkey has to offer. These cruises stop at the various popular locations along the way. Some are historical whereas some are more well-known for their natural beauty.

One of the places that boasts being able to have both of these is Kekova Island which is home to the Sunken City. This island has a small local community with beautiful bays to swim explore. These bays often have natural shoals of small fish and the occasional Loggerhead Turtle. The Sunken City is the partially preserved ruins of a city that was submerged following an earthquake. The ruins themselves are protected so that many future generations of visitors can enjoy this unique site.

What if, however, you are interested to join a land tour? There are still many different experiences on land thats you can enjoy while you are in Turkey. Jeep Safaris are a day tour that has become popular for single people, couples, and families.  These tours are great for breathtaking landmarks like Tlos which is an ancient city that stands on a hill and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. These Jeep Safaris are not only good for the sites as you journey round meeting local people and taking in the views. There is often family fun with water fights between the jeeps and games all day long.

Turkey does not have to be experienced on a tour as there are many great sites to behold in local towns. Fethiye harbour, the home of Sail Turkey has an incredible seaside promenade to enjoy. With the opportunity to amble along seeing all of the new and old boats using modern and traditional gulet designs, while stopping along the way for classic Turkish cay and baklava, this an experience not to be missed while you are visiting this charming coastal town. While walking around you may notice there is a flag on a fort above downtown Fethiye This fort stands just in front of a royal tomb which is one of the only tombs in Turkey that is easily accessible.  These tombs belonged to a historical civilisation called the Lycians who originated in this part of the world.

Turkey is a place of treasure and wonder, where history, tradition, and modern life blend to create an extraordinary destination for your next holiday.

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