Trends That Will Revolutionize Gaming In 2019

Posted on Jan 29 2019 - 9:16am by Editorial Staff

The gaming industry keeps on innovating since its earliest beginnings, and it will keep on doing so in the future. We went from a handful of games being played on bulky PCs; to video games available widely; and to the present moment when games are displayed everywhere, and at a few clicks distance from us.

With the constant and exponential development in technology that kept on going on for the last couple of years, the gaming industry, and the technology one has a lot of new opportunities in the future. Technology kept on getting cheaper, and better, and the software developed did the same along with it.

The following year is looking very exciting considering all of the potential aspects of the gaming industry that could get revolutionized. Here are some of the trends that we surely expect to see shining in 2019, and the impact that we believe it will have on the whole gaming ecosystem.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a hot topic in 2018, and we did manage to see quite a couple of games, and hardware systems getting released but, this is a mere beginning. We might not be able to see VR getting adopted in mass in the following year but, 2019 will surely bring upon a lot of innovations into the VR space.

There are many gaming niches that could benefit greatly from this technology, and a few of them have already experienced a bit of VR love. One of these niches is gambling, which could get completely revolutionized by Virtual Reality, allowing the people to have a gambling experience as close as possible to a real-life authentic one.

The free slots online have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity from people over the years, and VR could change the online gambling industry completely. There are a few VR casino games but, they are mere prototypes. But, once we will start seeing big brands incorporating this technology, we will know that something exciting is about to come.

This year is going to be the year of VR no doubt. We already have a decent number of budget hardware options, and as soon as there will be more competition in the VR hardware industry, this tech will be cheaply available for a lot more people. What we really need to see is more games being developed, and 2019 will surely be the year for a VR software revolution.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an essential part for gaming for many years now since basic AI concepts have allowed the game developers to build some surely fascinating virtual realms. We are starting to see more energy being invested in this technology, and the results just keep on coming.

When it comes to real AI algorithms playing games, we already know what the possibilities are. AIs have already won at games against chess global champions, and poker professionals but, this is just the start.

We are already familiar with non-player characters (NPC) in the gaming world. NPCs are characters controlled by an AI algorithm but, their functions are limited, and meant to help the main player have a more real experience.

What it would be interesting to see is an NPC controlled by a high-tech AI that can play the game against you, and make on-spot decisions while improving its skills by playing. Such an AI would surely make gaming more exciting, allowing the people to feel like they are playing against a real human, even if they are playing just with a computer, and 2019 might very well be the year to make that happen.

Realistic Graphics

The graphics of the video game just keep on getting better, this being one of the truly exciting innovations that we managed to see in the gaming industry in 2018. More realistic graphics mean a more realistic gaming experience, allowing you to feel as if you are more in real life than in a virtual environment.

One of the big players in Realistic Graphics in 2018 was Unreal Engine 4, which is a game engine that allows developers to build some of the most realistic games ever. With this engine, some of the most fascinating games got released, games that have more than just computer generated graphics but, instead, actual humans behind the facial expression and movements of these characters.

The guys from Epic Games, those who built Unreal Engine 4, just released in the last year some breathtaking animations that have, what they call, state of the art real-time graphics and an insane level of detail. These graphics are so real that they manage to transmit emotions almost as best as a real human in a movie.

What’s exciting about all this is that 2019 will surely be better than the last year, and 2018 was already amazing. With that in mind, we are expecting to see some unreal graphics getting released this year, pushing this whole ecosystem forward.


Last year was utterly amazing for the gaming ecosystem, and, considering how technology evolves, that only means that the next year is going to be even better. With that in mind, the three trends that we showcased above are surely going to make some waves in the year to come. Hopefully, at some point, we will have a game incorporating all three, exciting Virtual Reality, some fascinating Artificial Intelligence, and some state of the art graphics. As exciting as that sounds, we are still not there, and we can only wait, and see what 2019 has to bring to this industry.

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