Top 4 Ways To Create A Sense Of Zen In Your Garden

Posted on Oct 27 2021 - 9:38am by Editorial Staff

Although the feeling of zen is different depending on the person, achieving a sense of calm is something everyone strives for. So, why not try and cultivate a bit of peace and tranquility in your garden? A zen garden doesn’t necessarily have to resemble a traditional Japanese rock garden, although this is a fantastic use of your outdoor space. Your own zen garden just needs to be a place where you can sit back, relax, and zen out. Here are a few excellent ways to create a sense of zen in your outdoor space.

Relax With a Therapeutic Fire

Experts say that watching a crackling fire can help lower blood pressure, and it can also help reduce anxiety too. Introduce a therapeutic fire to your outdoor space in the form of a fire pit. They come in different styles and are great for enjoying alone or with friends. Fire tables are practical outdoor accessories that can be used to stay warm while dining al fresco. Alternatively, you can place a functional patio heater in your garden to help you enjoy your outdoor space during the colder months. Whatever design and style you decide to go for, always make sure the product you choose is safe to use. This Frontgate promo code can be used to purchase a variety of outdoor fire pits, tables, and heaters at a reduced price.

Traditional Zen Garden

In an authentic Japanese zen garden, you will find miniature landscapes that represent aspects of nature. Sand, rocks of different sizes, moss, and shrubs are used to create peaceful designs. Zen gardens were traditionally a spiritual place for monks in ancient Japan. It is a place one goes to attain enlightenment and free the mind. To create a traditional dry zen garden of your own, set aside a patch of land, fill it with sand, then use a rake to create ripples. You can add rocks, moss, and shrubs to your garden and a simple bench for you to sit, reflect, and contemplate.

Add a Water Feature

A zen garden is not complete without a water feature. The sounds of nature, such as trickling water and animal calls, can induce a feeling of serenity. It is also a great way for city dwellers to introduce natural sounds to the home. Water features can also be used to mask the sound of the city beyond your garden. A scenic pond is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, and it can also help attract wildlife such as frogs and large birds. A birdbath will encourage smaller birds to come and play in your garden. Alternatively, you can choose a water feature for purely aesthetic purposes, such as a water fountain or a pouring jug.

Hot Tub Happiness

If your idea of zen is a day of R and R at the spa, then deck your garden out with your own personal hot tub. A good old soak can help loosen muscles, release tension, and it is a great way to destress at the end of the day. Plus, it ticks the box of water feature with the added pleasure that you get to physically enjoy it.

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