Things To Store And Not To Store In Storage Units

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Storage Units

Self-storage units have made storing stuff a very easy task. It is a common misconception that once you own it, you are free to use it for any purpose and maintain it as you see fit. But a self-storage unit cannot be used to keep just about anything. There are things which you not only shouldn’t keep, but also things which you can’t keep as you aren’t permitted to. For the safety of the entire facility of the storage unit and for the safety of everyone involved in it, these rules dictate what you are allowed to keep in storage units and what you are not allowed to keep in it.

Now, here is a list that you are not allowed to keep in your self-storage unit. Some are simple things which you could have figured out yourselves. The reasons for these things being banned from being stored are also given. Some are not only no-brainers but might also tickle your funny bone.

Things Not to Store in Storage Units

Storage Units Don’t Eat Food

This is the most common banned things to be stored in storage units. Perishables include all kinds of food, and this is prohibited as it is an open invitation for rodents, animals, pests, insects and also microorganisms such as bacteria to come and grow and feed off your food. The storage units like the ones by can then act as a nest or breeding ground for all the pests which can then destroy the other items in the storage unit.

This can also manifest into a bigger problem and be a direct threat to the health of everyone near the unit and also be a threat to the safety of the contents in other people’s storage units.

Storage Units Aren’t Pet-Houses

This is surprisingly on our list as storage units have been used before to keep not only living animals and pets, but dead ones also. It is not only cruel to animals by keeping them in the dark, it suffocates them and also against the law. It is also necessary that you dispose a dead animal or pet properly. You can face strong legal action for locking up animals in such storage units. Look after your pets and build nice pet-houses for them. Storage units are the not the place for them.

Storage Units Abide By The Law

Whatever you stuff up your storage unit with, be it safe or not, if it is not within the purview of the law, then you can face legal action for storage of illegal goods. Not only does it have to be legal, you must also have proper documents to show that you own the stuff. You cannot store other people’s stuff in your unit. Stolen goods, drugs, and other stuff which are legal can land you in a spot of legal trouble if you keep them without letting anyone know.

Storage Units Don’t Like To Get Blown Up

This can’t be included in the above point, because even if you have a license to keep a gun and are even authorised to fire it or if you have bought fire crackers for a party, keeping them in your storage unit is a very bad idea. Explosives, firearms and pretty much any flammable substance is strictly prohibited from being stored in storage units as it again is an evident threat to the storage unit facility and can blow it up.

Storage Units Don’t Feel Lonely

This one is pretty funny, but it did need to figure on this list. People, just like animals, cannot be locked up in storage units. If it didn’t strike you, this is against human rights and can also qualify as a criminal act.

There are also other things like wet items, which are not actually banned from being kept but you’re probably better off keeping them somewhere else and not in storage units. Remember, that these things are banned not to make things inconvenient for you, but for your own safety and the safety of others and the self-storage units facility itself.

Now here’s a list on what you’re allowed to store in storage units.

Things To Store In Storage Units

Storage Units Adore A Good Vehicle

As long as it is legal, it’s yours and you have your legal documents in place, you can use storage units as a garage. It’s not unusual for celebrities to store their costly wheels in such storage units. Do note, however, that the motor vehicle cannot have any illegal item concealed with it. That again, is a crime.

Storage Units Toast Bread Every Once In A While

You can store pretty much any household appliance be it a kitchen sink, an electronic appliance like that old T.V. you don’t use any more, your refrigerator or even your washing machine. Note that the batteries in the electronic stuff might be corrosive and hence it is advised to get rid of the batteries before you store your appliances.

Storage Units Can Do With Some Good Décor

We all have furniture that just didn’t work out in our new house. During construction, we all have huge slabs of wood, granite and lot of bricks lying around. Wondering where to keep them? Well storage units are used most commonly for such purposes. There is absolutely no threat in keeping furniture, and even the expensive furniture you got courtesy some relative’s will, can be safely kept in storage units.

Storage Units Dress Up Too

Surely, we all have more clothes than we will ever need. Everyone shops till they drop, and more often than not clothes are the prime targets. Storage units act as a very safe and efficient back-up closet for you when your wardrobe is full (which is almost always).

Storage Units Love Vintage Stuff

Collector items and valuable stuff may hold a lot of value both in money and in sentiments. They are not as safe in your house as they are in a bank safe, but that’s a bit too much, right? You want to be able to access it easily. Storage units are the answer. They act pretty much like a safe, but are also easy to go to and getting your stuff back has never been simpler.

There is actually no limits to what you can store as long as it’s legal, safe and doesn’t promote any harm to anyone.

So, although the above list acts as a suggestion, we would advise you to think for yourself on whether what you are storing is safe or not. It’s only in your interests that these rules have been formulated. Storage units like the ones by Tooele, UT storage company are meant for convenient, easy storage, which is accessible and most efficient, and they have become just that, except for when you store wrong things.

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