10 Things To Remember When Travelling To Other Countries

Posted on Jun 9 2014 - 11:06am by Miranda Farley


In all my years of travelling, there is one thing that I have learned, which is considered to be the key to a happy travel, vacation, or getaway: PREPAREDNESS. Sounds familiar? I do hope so.

For others, it may be a little cliché, but on the other side of the universe, a lot of people are just struggling. I, too, once struggled because I did not plan my travels well. But I did learn my lessons well- and hard. For you to avoid all the series of unfortunate events that I had to go through, listen well (or read, whatever sounds right).  This is my treat for you!

Listen Well! Read Well!

  1. Plan your Itinerary.

You are going to a different country, so it is better to be well-armed. There are travel packages, so might as well buy one so your whole trip will be guided and structured. Make sure you have also booked a hotel for all the days that you plan to stay in that place.

I try to do a little something extra for my travels, especially when I’m in a country that’s not using English as a first language. I purchase books about that place, read about its culture, try learning basic greetings, read about the food, and know about the whole place in general. That way you will know what things to expect. It’s travelling and learning all at the same time. Trust me. There are so many things to learn from different places.

  1. Pack the Bare Necessities

The bare necessities can be a little “extended”, if you know what I mean. You will be travelling, so you need to make sure you’re packing your entire life- but there is a need to pack light. How in the world is that possible? Allow me to explain that in just a bit.

When you’re travelling, you should also see to it that you’re bringing the comforts of your home as well, even if that is not 100% achievable. As much as possible… pack whatever you can. But —-

When you pack your clothes, think, think, and think. This is the beauty of knowing the place first before going there. If you’re going to Bali, for example, you will not need your fancy stuff. Search about all the things to learn about that place, so you could bring your appropriate attire.

Of course, do not forget all the other essentials when travelling:

Tickets, passport, driver’s license, travel license, visa.

You also need to bring:

Medicine (I know you can purchase this just about anywhere, but just to make sure, and your prescription, of course), and your toiletries. I did not mean that you should pack all your soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. You can buy all those things when you get to your travel spot. I’m sure of it. That happened to me once. I travelled with all these stuff, but when I got to the place, I realized I could have just bought them there.

However, you should consider a few things. If your doctor has specified a soap or shampoo for you because you’re allergic to the others, you might as well pack those, too, in case you cannot find them in your next destination.

  1. Electronics

Do you know how frustrating it is when you get to a place and not be able to take pictures because you left your camera at home? That’s a bummer, and it is too expensive to buy a new one when you have one that works perfectly well.

So, prepare your camera and your mobile phones! And yes, do not forget to bring these: CHARGERS! It’s more frustrating when your camera ran out of battery when you’re in the height of your trip as compared to not bringing one at all. You do not want to spend on things you could’ve brought with you.

  1. What Kills Time?

When you’re travelling, you always think you’ll be outdoors most of the time. Your hotel room will be used for sleeping, breakfast, and showering. Other than that, you’re outdoors.

However, there will really be times when you just want to sit or lay on your hotel queen sized bed. You get tired at a certain point, and the television is just not enough to entertain you.

You should bring whatever it is that entertains you at home: your favourite book, your Ipad, or your favourite magazine. When you’re always on the run at home, you will never have time to enjoy these things. Who knows, you get to enjoy them during your mundane or laidback hours while you’re on vacation.

  1. A Travel Bag

And I’m not even talking about your luggage. I’m talking about that small bag or satchel that could carry all your important stuff together, like your phone, wallet, etc.

This is very convenient. You don’t want to be worried about your phone and wallet in different pockets. Plus, you get to put there your breath mints, sanitizer, and even your little guide book. Trust me; you need all those things.

To add up to you to-do list, here are 5 more things that you need to think of when you’re travelling:

  1. Do not keep all your important documents in one luggage.
  2. Keep an Open Mind.
  3. Talk not to Strangers.
  4. Know Things about the Local Law
  5. Leave a Note

Many people love travelling in pack. And sometimes, people prefer to split up for a while. Some stay at the hotel; while some frolic around the new place. It’s always best to let others know where you’re going. And by the way, make sure your phones are ready in case you get lost. You don’t want to be alone in Oz.

So, don’t leave out anything, and prepare days before you go. These preparations will keep you away from excessive worrying. Nothing beats prepared traveller- even delayed flights!

About the Author

Miranda Farley is a travel enthusiast and a blogger. She authors the blog The Little Black Book of Travelling where she shares her insights, experiences, and the things that she’s learned on her many travels. Her passion for travel is so great that she also aims to influence her readers to not only read about different exciting places in her blogs but to experience them first hand. She also works as the social media manager of Apache Trail Tours.