The Challenge To Dealerships Online In 2020

Posted on Nov 25 2019 - 10:16am by Editorial Staff

Selling a vehicle is a different process than any other purchase. Almost always, it takes a long-term strategy of developing a deal, figuring out what vehicle will work best for a customer’s budget and needs, offering incentives and upgrades, sorting out financing and insurance, and more.

As a manager of a dealership, you know that your sales team has developed and perfected their methods that work wonderfully in the showroom, but how confident are you that the same strategies can be applied to your website?

The Latest E-Commerce Boom

There’s no denying the power of the internet to boost sales in every retail market. In the upcoming year, more than ever, the challenge for every retail business will be to find new and better ways to take advantage of the online sales market. For years, companies that sold smaller products that were easy to sell and easy to ship dominated the online retail landscape. For dealerships, the challenge of taking advantage of the online commerce has been greater than any other market.

What’s Changing for Dealerships Online

With the latest generation in online marketing and sales software, all of this is changing.  If you aren’t currently following the developments that are now being offered by companies that create online solutions built specifically for dealerships, then you should immediately click here to learn more about what’s available on offer and what developments are in the works.

The History of Dealership Website Marketing

In the past, auto sellers used their web presence mainly to advertise inventory and sales events. Later on, better marketing applications started to allow for more advanced sales analytics and the sales development that led to an enormous increase in sales in house.

Strategies like better lead generation using online software then led to enormous increases in auto sales that helped to prove the feasibility of the online market for dealerships. Now that even greater gains have been made in recent years, such as combining dealership website apps with social media sales platforms, the potential for complete online sales has been realized like never before.

Specific Applications

One of the most effective applications that you can add to your dealership website is an advanced live chat service. With live chat, you website changes into an active experience for customers, not unlike the environment that they experience when entering your physical location. Live chat operators can guide new customers through the process of finding a vehicle that will match their current needs. They can also answer any questions about inventory or website navigation that the customer might pose in real time.

This service greatly increases the potential for a working relationship to build between your company and browsing web traffic, simultaneously increasing your chances to retain new customers. Live chat can also be used in cooperation with other online sales apps, such as texting, image and video sharing, as well as insurance and financing applications, to create an improved all-round customer experience. Get ready for the changing world of online retail in time for 2020 by contacting a sales and marketing specialist to ensure that your dealership doesn’t get left behind.

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