Technology And People – The Perfect Combination

Posted on Mar 1 2017 - 8:21pm by Editorial Staff

With the rise of technology, it can sometimes be pretty easy to forget that behind technology, there are people who created it, forged it and developed technology to the level it is at today. With any aspect of technology, from mobile phones, to computers, to the internet, there are people who came up with the idea of them in the first place. It is very easy to forget that – as we are so used to having the ease of technology all around us, enabling us to live easier, to do our jobs easier and to connect with the world with the swipe or click of a finger. With technology, lots of different forms of it may have either completely encompassed people – as technology simply does the job faster and does not need a break – or it is close to taking over the ability of people to do their jobs properly. Lots of companies are seeing (or have seen for a while) the benefits of using technology over people – especially in companies that mass produce products or in a corporate environment where technology can do a job in much less time than it takes a human.

However, it is important to remember that sometimes technology does not live up to its reputation and can cause more trouble than it is worth. If technology, especially machines, are overworked then there is a likelihood that they will break or be worn down to such a level that they can’t work to their full capacity. Obviously, humans do not break to a level that machines do but if they are not treated well, then they will break in different aspects. People and machines have similarities: treat them well and they will work, mistreat them and they will break or splutter a halt.

A good example of the use of technology could be Mullholand Energy Services. Combining humans and machines to do a job well, it shows technology and people working to a level that completes a job. Another good example of the use of technology is barista work. A coffee machine allows the barista to serve good coffee, but without the barista, the coffee machine would not be able to work and would just stand static. Another obvious good example of technology and humans working well together, is in any office. Take a photocopier – if the photocopier was broken, documents would not be able to be copied and it would leave the company and employees unable to complete jobs. They may even need to manually copy any information that they need. But, when a photocopier is working, it means that the business can function properly.

With the correct use of technology, combining it with the skills of humans, a good business can really flourish. Do not be left in the dark by using older technology, when more modern technology can allow a business to grow, prosper and maintain a good grasp on the targets and deadlines that they need to meet in order to profit.

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