The Tech That Has Transformed The Construction Industry

Posted on Jul 11 2017 - 7:06pm by Editorial Staff

Working in the construction industry has always been a good option for individuals who love working hands on, creating something for nothing and making a good honest living, but thanks to technology, being a construction worker really has never been better.

Here are just some of the tech transformations that have revolutionized the construction world in recent years:

The Internet

It’ an obvious one but it’s worth mentioning because more and more contractor jobs are being aided by the internet. The internet, more than anything else, has transformed the way buildings are designed, projects are monitored, and staff are hired, and it has changed those things for the better. Recruitment is faster, GPS equipment makes it easier to survey, and design with precision and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively over long distances has made the whole industry much more productive as a whole.

Construction Management Software

If you’ve only joined the construction industry in the past decade, chances are you’ve never known a time when construction management software wasn’t used to monitor your progress, and the progress of the projects you’re working on. Back before this was possible, jobs would run way over schedule and go over budget all the time. Although this still happens from time to time, thanks to software that can track every little thing in real time, this is much less of a problem, and the construction industry is all the better for it.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided design has been around for quite some time now, and contractors all over the world are quite thankful for that. You see, CAD has made it possible for contractors to begin building before designs are totally complete, which means that they can get things done much more quickly without any danger, and while reducing any potential risks.


Compared to the above bits of tech, drones are relatively new, but they are already transforming the construction industry for the better. They are increasingly being used to carry out surveying and mapping jobs, and they are very good at this because they can obviously get into places that people and heavy equipment can’t, giving us a much better picture of what is going on and what needs to be done in the construction of buildings.

3D Printers

3D printers are increasingly being used to create 3D construction parts out of plastics, concrete and other common materials you’d find on any construction site. They are transforming construction businesses, not only by making parts more affordable but also by making it possible to create custom parts, so that unique, elaborate designs that require unconventional parts can be constructed.

Accounting Apps

Accounting apps like QuickBooks are helping lots of businesses, including those in the construction industry, to better track their finances and keep on top of their accounts without the need of an expensive accountant. For startup construction firms and self-employed contractors, this has been nothing short of a godsend, helping them to get ahead while keeping costs low.

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