Tanking Facebook Stock Results Zuckerberg Wealth Dropped Down By $2.2 Billion

Posted on May 21 2012 - 6:04pm by Editorial Staff

The Pre-Market price per share of Facebook was at $37.10, down 1.13 (2.96%). The market starts trading at $35.99, down2.24 (-5.86%). While on day 1, the social giant ends the day at $38.37, up by 0.37 (0.97%) – almost the actual price the company sets, making the company total valuation to $104 billion with an $18.4 billion initial public offering. Facebook starts its first day of trading with $42.12 per share price, up 4 points (10.23%), with later half did the trading at $38 and it remains stable most of the day.

What to note here is that who loose how much? Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth dropped $2.2 billion as shares of Facebook. “If you went out and spent on Friday, you’re not canceling the order for the Lamborghini just yet,” Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst with Wedge Partners in Greenwood Village, Colorado, said in a phone interview. “For the most part, those with a substantial stake still have plenty of value.”

Dustin Moskovitz owns 133.7 million shares of the company’s Class B stock worth $4.5 billion, down $580 million during the day. Eduardo Saverin has a $1.8 billion stake, down $230 million since Friday’s close. Sean Parker owns 66 million Facebook shares valued at $2.2 billion. Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg owns 27 million shares, including 25 million restricted stock units that have vested valued at $915 million.

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