Sony’s Engineer Explained Sola’s ‘Floating Touch’ Screen Technology

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 7:48am by Editorial Staff

Sony yesterday unveiled its Android 2.3-based Xperia Sola phone, among the features and specification, there was one feature named “floating touch” – unknown too many suggesting what exactly it meant out to be. Over on this, Sony’s research engineer has posted a quick writeup grasping about how and in what way the sensing technology works.

According to the engineer, mutual capacitance has many sensors that can pick up two distinctive, physical touch events. The Sola’s screen uses a mutual capacitance sensor to pick up physical touch, but it also uses a separate self capacitance sensor to pick up signals up to 22mm away from the screen. Once the Xperia Sola does get upgraded to that version of the OS, you can expect the technology to get more of a workout.

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