Smart Tech Changing Apartment Lifestyles

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 7:37pm by Editorial Staff

There is a time when walking into your house to be welcomed by soothing music, nippy wafts of the air-conditioner, plus the soft intensity lights to help you unwind, could be experienced only in a dream.

Today, this is a reality, thanks to technological advancements, which have led to the invention of smart home technology. If you are looking to enhance your safety, minimize your utility bills, and make your home comfortable, then you have to embrace smart home technology, even if it means talking to all the top credit card consolidation loan companies to see how they can sort you out financially.

Today, we will go further into smart home technology and how it’s changing apartment lifestyles. Let’s get started!

What is Smart Home Tech?

Smart home technology involves the use of devices that have been fitted with communication technology and sensors to allow for automation of common household tasks. While this concept has been in existence for some time, it largely required spending thousands of dollars on a completely integrated, wired system. Hence, most renters shunned it.

Today, however, smart homes are powered by smartphones and wireless communications systems; what’s more, smart home devices are much more affordable. Examples of smart home technology are light bulbs that switch themselves on and off.

Likewise, there are door locks that open when they sense you are approaching.

A smart home can also resolve a problem when there is no one in the house. For instance, a smart smoke detector can instruct a smart thermostat to turn the heating off when it detects a carbon monoxide leak. This kind of smart tech is geared towards improving the security, energy efficiency, and comfort in your home.

Four Major Categories of Smart Home Tech

Smart Climate Control

If you are tired of coming home to a scorching hot apartment, you can consider installing a smart window air conditioning device, which allows you to turn it on before you leave your workplace.

Some smart air-conditioners have geo-referencing and scheduling capabilities, which help minimize energy use while still keeping your living environment comfortable.

Smart Lighting

You can install connected, low-power LED smart bulbs that allow you to switch your lights on and off remotely.

These smart bulbs also allow for scheduling or pairing with other home automation devices to turn your lighting into an organic component of your house.

Smart Kitchen

There is a vast selection of amazing smart kitchen gadgets that can deliver a pleasant cooking experience in your home.

Smart Security

If you are looking for a perfect, simple security solution for your apartment, don’t look beyond smart cameras. These cameras are normally Wi-Fi enabled and all you need is to plug them into a power outlet and internet router.

Then, you can remotely monitor your home from wherever you are through your smartphone.  Smart cameras have the capability to send alerts to your phone whenever they detect motion or noise. Likewise, they can record the event’s footage to the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Smart home technology is geared to completely revolutionize the apartment lifestyles. It will allow tenants to have a home that integrates with and responds to their standard of living. Connecting all of your household gadgets to your smartphone is certainly a great advantage.

This means that you are able to run your laundry while still in the office, or save money on your utility bills by optimizing your utilities only when you are home. If you haven’t invested in this kind of smart tech yet, it’s time you did so.

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