Savvy Investment Options For Young People

Posted on Mar 21 2018 - 5:29pm by Editorial Staff

If you’ve managed to save up some capital over years of toil and financial management, it’s not a good idea to leave it languishing in a bank account, where it accrues minimal interest while banks make money on their investments. Instead, it pays to consider the range of options available for investments that go beyond the traditional stocks and shares that previous generations will have considered. Here are a few ideas for investing your money that’ll expand your financial power without risking losses on volatile markets.


It might take a good eye, or the ability to spot a good piece of art when it comes up in auction or when you stumble across it at an exhibition, but as a long-term investment, paintings are often one of the most lucrative options for young people without huge sums to spend. It’s not just about spotting the hot emerging talent in fine or modern art.You could join an arts fund or an investment partnership that spreads the risk and pools the ideas for investment.Or, hunt in regional auction houses and second-hand stores or sales for pieces that you’ll be able to sell on for a huge profit.

Real Estate

The classic option other than stocks and shares themselves.Real estate investment goes back as long as people have been able to own land. Young people investing in real estate often live in their investments as they make the home improvements that’ll increase its value dramatically, which makes for a pleasant and lucrative way of life. Find a suitable location, such as hunting for homes for sale in 32308 Tallahassee FL, purchase a place that you think you can improve,or that’ll simply pick up in value as you live there, and sell it on when you fancy embarking on your next real estate project.

Electronic Currencies

While the currency markets have been fluctuating a little of recent due in part to political matters, the major fluctuations are happening in the new cryptocurrency markets, which are positively booming after a decade or so on the fringes of investors’interests. You’ll have heard of the market leader, Bitcoin, which famously was used to buy a pizza in 2010 for a number of Bitcoins now worth $7 million.However,there are new emerging cryptocurrencies to invest in too.All you’ll need to do is some research into some of the best options.


Sometimes you can speculate, as with art, about a new band or artist reaching dizzying heights in their career after you saw them play in the back end of nowhere in front of half a dozen disinterested people. Others, you’ll simply recognize the significance of a world event, sporting victory, or cultural item. Whatever the memorabilia, keeping a collection of such items (maybe simply in a shoe box in a cupboard) could turn up mega-bucks down the line when the market for nostalgic memory items expands exponentially.

Investing doesn’t need to be as daunting or isolated as joining the traders on Wall Street. Bear these ideas in mind for novel yet lucrative investment opportunities for your savings.

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