Reasons: Why Testing Landing Pages Is Important

Posted on Dec 22 2012 - 10:16am by CONTRIBUTOR
Landing Page

Landing Page

A landing page is whereyou are directed once you either click on the advertisement that you see while surfing the web or if click on one of the search engine optimization links. A good landing page is thus very important for any website, and thus testing the same is quite vital for any website before the same is launched for the access of the public. Below are some of the reasons that explain the importance of testing a landing page:

  • The landing page should be very specific to the product or the service that the website is designed to provide with. Test the landing page properly so as to clearly understand what your prospective customers are looking for.
  • Working on a template which is flexible is very important for creating a good landing page. A flexible template lets you test the page thoroughly before you put it up and running.
  • Working on the landing page keeping in mind the various cultures and languages that your website might be targeting is also very crucial. The check out page or the page where the customers pays for the product or service should be equipped to work with different languages.
  • The testing normally takes place in a series of cycles. Thus it is very vital to change every single bit about your landing page.
  • The testing of the landing page should be done keeping in mind the amount of data that you would want to test. The more the data that you have the more near perfect the testing would turn up to be.
  • It is again an important thing to do when someone asks you to have good amount of data on your hands before the winner is announced. Do not make haste in announcing the best landing page, as again landing page is very important in conversion optimization.
  • Be very consistent with the testing that you conduct and do not keep on changing the parameters. If you keep on changing the parameters than the testing of different landing pages will not bring out the correct and desired result. Such kind of testing will not be true.
  • Try out the various tools which are available for free on the internet which will help making the testing of landing pages easy for you.
  • The landing page that you had built leads to other pages and thus this should be kept in mind before testing is done as that might affect the way the other pages come out to be.
  • Just keep testing the page every other time till you arrive at that perfect landing page. Do not lose patience no matter what.

The conclusion is one should pay close attention on how the landing page turns out to be as any kind of mess up with the landing page will ruin the whole website around. Always test the same so that it provides the best quality and service to the ongoing traffic of customers and visitors.

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