Real Life Situations You Could Deal With As A Manager

Posted on Jan 16 2020 - 12:39pm by Editorial Staff

As a manager, there are many challenges you will face in your business. Some of these will not be a lot of fun. Some may even be very stressful and demanding on a personal level. Here are a few resources and advice to help guide you through difficult real-life situations.

Firing an employee

This can be one of the worst things you will have to do as a manager. Some companies even hire in specialist termination companies to handle this uncomfortable process. However, it is vital that you know how to fire an employee in a firm, appropriate manner. The most important step when firing someone is to make sure that the specific employee can see that this is coming long before it actually does.

As a manager, it is your job to supervise your team. If your staff is not meeting your expectations, it is your responsibility to let them know as soon as it happens – not months later. If you do a good job of setting expectations – correcting employees when they don’t meet these expectations and giving them opportunities to regain your trust – then the termination process becomes a lot easier. When it comes to actually firing someone, do show some empathy. However, do not let the employee lead the conversation – this could lead you to change your decision.

Handling conflict between employees

Conflict impacts productivity and can threaten the healthy and happy workplace culture that you have worked hard to create. Conflicts don’t just involve the participants; they affect your whole workforce. It is impossible to prevent every conflict, but sometimes it is important that you do step in. Otherwise it may escalate into something that cannot be resolved.

Make sure that when you do get involved, you listen more than you talk. This is how you will be able to understand the heart of the matter and find a resolution. can give you more skills through their extensive training so you are better able to deal with difficult situations when they inevitably arise.

Dealing with a dishonest employee

Sometimes, employees do not act with the company’s best interests in mind. It is likely that you will encounter many dishonest employees in your time as a manager. A dishonest employee can be someone that is physically stealing from the company, someone that is committing intellectual theft (taking ideas from the company and passing them off as their own) or someone who misleads management (lying on their CV or about the hours they have worked.) When trying to prevent dishonest behaviour it is important to explain to employees which behaviours are acceptable and which are contrary to company policy. When you notice dishonesty in your employees, you must act swiftly and decisively. Otherwise your good nature could be exploited. It is wise to use dishonest behaviour as a teaching opportunity. Employees are less like to repeat the poor behaviour of a coworker if they see the consequences firsthand.

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