Overcoming Some Major Hurdles Of Property Development

Posted on Aug 3 2017 - 4:59pm by Editorial Staff

Property development is an attractive investment prospect for many people. While it’s not the most affordable investment to take on, it can be very lucrative if carried out successfully. Obviously, property development requires a lot more work than simply buying an existing property and running it almost exactly as it is when purchased. Anyone planning to be a particularly hands-on investor will find that there are many issues to address. There can be some huge hurdles to overcome to make a project a success, but preparing for them can make it easier to face them. Consider these big issues when thinking about property management.

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Finding and Designing a Suitable Project

One of the greatest challenges for any property developer is identifying the right opportunities for them. There can often be many sites where renovating or constructing a property could be an option, but it’s not always possible to find ones that fit your requirements. You might be constrained by budget and location, as well as the realm of possibilities open to you on any one site. There are so many things to think about, from whether a piece of land might be suitable for construction, to if you would be allowed to demolish an existing building.

Gaining Essential Permissions

You usually can’t do anything you want when it comes to property development. You often need to ask for permission from the city or other authorities, and you might need licenses to carry out some activities or run certain types of business or residential project. In some cases, you might also need the permission of neighbors and nearby businesses who are given a chance to approve of or reject your business. This step is an essential one to take before beginning development, and if you don’t research properly, you could end up with a project you can’t complete.

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Problem-solving for Construction

During planning and construction, there’s always the potential for a range of issues. The development site could cause some problems, such as not being suitable for shallow foundations. In this case, you might discover Helitech CCD or a similar service that has expertise in deep foundations. Other constraints and restrictions make it hard to carry out a project in the way it was originally planned. For example, you might not be able to complete the project as quickly as you had hoped due to one stage taking longer than expected.


Money is always going to be a big issue when it comes to any investments. With property development, there are often huge amounts of money involved, so budgeting well is essential. It’s extremely common for construction projects to go over-budget, even when extra money has been planned into the budget. You don’t want to run out of funds and end up having to sell up or leave a project half finished, so getting the budget right is vital.

Property development is by no means the easiest area to invest in. It’s always important to be aware of the big issues that can come up and need to be navigated carefully.

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