Online Nanny Sites Simplify Calgary Child Care

Posted on Jun 25 2017 - 6:26pm by Editorial Staff

When you need to find child care for your little one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by such a time-consuming process. You can wind up spending hours searching through newspaper and online classifieds, tracking down reviews, calling for rates, and looking for someone with the right experience, background, and training. But if you use the right online nanny site, you can simplify your search for a Calgary child care provider, whether they work independently or with an agency. Whether you want a full-time nanny, a part time babysitter, or a daycare, knowing where to look is the first step toward success.

Finding a nanny online can be straightforward and convenient, as long as you go to the right place. You can’t rely on the same classified sites that you would use when you’re looking for a used book shelf. On resources like, you can narrow down your search by providing more information about what it is you’re looking for, such as:

  • The age group of your child or children
  • Whether you want an individual or an agency
  • Whether you’re looking for someone long term or part time, a live in nanny or live out, or a summer-only position
  • Which language(s) the nanny should be fluent in
  • Any special needs your child has, such as physical or intellectual disabilities, diabetes, or severe allergies

Nannies who use, for example, create a profile on the platform, including all of the relevant information they want employers to see. That makes it easy for you to search by various categories such as location, rates charged, part-time or full-time availability or by employment history.

In addition to detailed, informative profiles, you should also look out for features like:

  • Personal notes that can be written and attached to user profiles for you to record the results of a phone interview, reservations, or details you should have available for future reference.
  • A favorites list that lets you save candidates you interviewed and who did well, making it easier when you start making calls with a job offer.
  • Customer support that can help you manage your account, use the platform to search, and that offers advice on handling your relationship with a child care provider. They can also help prospective nannies with advice on writing better, more accurate profiles.
  • Identity protected phone calls that offer another layer of security, such as the Telesafe system, which creates a toll-free number that will connect to your real phone number while keeping it private. The Telesafe system also lets you track calls and keep a Call History, in case you need to confirm whether or not you did in fact interview a certain candidate.

Features like these make it so easy to find a babysitter in Calgary you will wonder how you spent so much time doing it before. Another advantage to using dedicated platforms like these is that some offer additional services such as handling payroll for you. When you employ a nanny full time, you’re responsible for providing pay stubs, calculating net pay, income tax, CPP payments, and EI payments, and providing T4 slips. A payroll nanny service in Calgary can take care of all of that for you.

The service handles employee paperwork including registration with the Canada Revenue Agency, calculating net pay, gross pay, income tax, Canada Pension Plan payments, and employment insurance payments. It also provides T4 forms during the tax season, payslips for each pay period, and completes record of employment forms. This makes the online search for an excellent Calgary child care service provider easy, secure and convenient.

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