Nokia’s Chairman Jorma Ollila Pointed ‘Slow Growth’ For Most Of 2012 Results

Posted on Feb 2 2012 - 7:47am by Editorial Staff

Nokia, which last week post its Q4 2011 financial figures of an operating loss of €954 million and decision to use Windows phone (for which Microsoft paid the Finnish company $250 million) – will results into the major impact in the company’s earning throughout most of the part of the year – Nokia’s Chairman Jorma Ollila said.

Ollila told Finnish National broadcaster YLE, “For a significant part of the year the transition will be seen in the results.” Nokia reported a 73% fall in its Q4 earnings. “Nokia will make it into the three, its completely obvious and the first signs are already there,” he said. “None of the operating systems have taken off quickly. It will take time, as we have seen, and as was expected.”

“When looking at the bigger picture, it shows that three operating systems will dominate in the near future and each of them will have one strong manufacturer, with Nokia having a very good chance to be one of the three,” Ollila said.

Going a year back, the company unveiled a mjor strategy shifts to Microsoft software for its smartphones possibly in an attempt to challenge its rival Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Nokia’s Board of Directors earlier proposed Risto Siilasmaa as its new chairman, going to replace long-time chairman Jorma Ollila at the annual shareholders meeting in May.

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