Never Skip A Beat When Looking After Your Heart

Posted on May 16 2017 - 9:05pm by Editorial Staff

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the world and is largely down to an unhealthy lifestyle (although some people can be born with heart problems). There are lot of ways that we can be looking after our heart to prevent issues later down the line. Here are just a few recommendations.

Stay prepared with gadgets

There are lots of heart rate monitors and apps that you can get hold of these days to check that your pulse is healthy. If you’ve already been diagnosed with a heart problem, buying a defibrillator as an emergency option is worthwhile. Foremost Medical Equipment’s refurbished AEDs can be bought online. Other gadgets for measuring cholesterol and blood pressure can also be handy to have.

Say no to smoking

Smoking causes carbon monoxide to enter the body, making it harder for oxygen to enter the blood. Our hearts then have to beat harder to let oxygen in, wearing them out more quickly. Smoking also causes fat to build up in arteries as well as leading to the overproduction of adrenalin, further wearing out the heart muscle. With twice as many smokers dying of heart problems than non-smokers, stamping out this habit is highly recommended.

Control your diet

Fried foods are one of the biggest cause heart disease. Cakes and baked sugary snacks can also be very unhealthy. Living more organically is the best way to ward off heart disease. Instead of frozen fried foods, try to supplement carbs naturally by eating more rice, pasta and potatoes. When it comes to sweet foods, try to get more natural sugar by upping your fruit intake. If fruit on its own doesn’t excite you, try to experiment with making fruit smoothies. Needless to say excessive alcohol and caffeine drinking is also very bad for the heart (mixing the two is particularly dangerous).

Exercise regularly

Physical exercise strengthens the muscles in the heart. It can also increase the amount of oxygen into the blood to repair damage and lower blood pressure that causes the heart to beat faster. All kinds of exercise are good for the heart. If you currently lead a sedentary lifestyle due to work, try being more active in the mornings of evenings so that your heart doesn’t get lazy, either by taking up a new sport, going to a gym or simply taking a long walk.

Take a break from stress

Stress is another main offender of heart disease. When we’re stressed we produce adrenalin and cortisol, which makes our hearts beat faster and get more worn out. Recent studies have also found that we overproduce white blood cells when stressed that lead to an imbalance in the heart causing a heart attack. Give yourself regular breaks from the day to day stress of life. Weigh up what really matters to you – all the responsibilities you’re taking on shouldn’t be cutting short your life.

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