How To Nail Your Brand Design At The First Attempt

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 7:02pm by Editorial Staff

Every business needs to work on its brand design. This helps make your business recognizable and helps build your brand presence too. Some of the biggest companies in the world wouldn’t be half as successful if it weren’t for their excellent brand design that sets them above their rivals.

Bearing that in mind, what can be done to help improve your brand design? Well, we have a few tips and ideas below that will help you nail your brand design at the first attempt. Carry on reading if you want to learn more:

Logo Design

Your logo is probably the most important part of your brand design. It’s the main thing that people will recognize, and something that should set your business apart from others. People should see your logo and automatically know it’s your business’s. As such, you must create something that’s memorable and catches people’s attention. With logos, less is always more. Create something that’s not got too much going on, and has very little text. Sometimes, you don’t even need your company name, but this can be a good idea with your core logo.

Logo Presence

Speaking of your logo, the design isn’t the only important thing. You also need to think about its presence – make people see as much of it as possible. How can you do this? By branding everything with your logo. Have your logo in the main header of your website, get business cards printed with your logo on them, get merchandise with your logo on. You could even look for gift card printing services and sell gift cards with your logo on too. The opportunities are endless, the more you get your logo out there, the more recognizable it becomes.


Next, you have to make sure your brand design is consistent throughout your business. This means that the colors and main themes on your website have to be present on your business cards, and everything else you produce. Why? Because this helps build brand recognition as consumers start associating certain colors and themes with your company. Think about Mcdonald’s as an example. They’ve become associated with red and yellow as those are the key colors in their logo, website, packaging, etc. Design consistency must extend to everything you produce, but that doesn’t mean everything should look the same, you just need similar colors present, etc.


Finally, your brand design must be as professional as possible. This will mean getting someone onboard to handle the entire design process. It’s common practice for businesses to outsource graphic designers for this. As a result, you’re assured of professional design across the board. Otherwise, you could take all the previous advice onboard but it will be ruined by poor professionality. You might have bad graphics, poor text, and things just won’t flow. So, ensure the professionality of your brand design in on point, and it will be perfect.

Nailing your brand design is very important, as is getting it right at the first attempt. Follow this advice and your business will soon see the benefits of great brand design.


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