Mozilla’s TowTruck Allows You To Collaborate In Real-Time To Any Website

Posted on Apr 15 2013 - 7:30am by Editorial Staff


Mozilla in its latest experimentation working on a service dubbed as TowTruck, which will add the real-time collaboration to any website. The company working on an aim to bring “everyone to work” together via the Web, with giving importance on how remotely the things performed. The TowTruck works with just a snipped of JavaScript code, allowing real-time authoring, messaging and voce chatting via Web RTC.

To explain further, the company says that when a user comes to your website, they will be able to activate the TowTruck tool, which along with will send a link to a friend in order to start collaborating on the web site. The TowTruck come equipped with collaboration features like cursor-mirroring, collaboratively editing forms and text, browsing through the site, and both text and real-time voice chat. You can try it yourself too, all you need to head it over here.

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