Microsoft Is In Search Of ‘Software Development Engineer’ That Helps To Enable Linux On Windows Azure Cloud Platform

Posted on Jan 27 2012 - 4:04pm by Editorial Staff

According to a job posting on the Microsoft’s website, the software giant is gearing up to enable Linux on its Windows Azure cloud platform. The company is seeking a software development engineer at Microsoft that calls for Linux knowledge and experience.

The job posting states:

  • Write high-quality Linux kernel code in the C programming language and the associated unit tests.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Linux virtualization methods, approaches and deployment. (Including but not limited to Hyper-V, Xen and KVM)
  • Demonstrate an understanding Linux device driver development and implementation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Linux kernel architecture, including kernel debugging and runtime libraries
  • Create and implement plans that provide for the testing and quality assurance of software products
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Linux networking and TCP/IP stack

The purpose of this position is to become a key member of a highly specialized development team whose mission is to identify, define, scope, implement and drive to completion software projects that promote full, transparent interoperability between Windows and Linux in Microsoft virtual and cloud environments, the job posting states.

The posting indicates that the person will be charged with an open source projects designed specifically to Microsoft’s virtualization and cloud platforms with Linux.

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