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Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 12:36pm by Editorial Staff

I am recently trying to figuring out some better way so that I monitor mine apps over the web, and luckily come across an interesting web-based product name as PushMon. The product is so interesting and useful that make me think beyond and here I am writing about it, giving I2Mag readers an understanding of the product, suggesting how it would be useful for them and lot more. I am dividing this article into three parts: How, When and What? Giving you the clear picture of PushMon but before starting an introduction I am putting in.


PushMon is free, cloud-based service for monitoring scripts, jobs, apps and batches and is easy to setup and can monitor internal processes, most specially those that run on a regular basis. All the other hosted monitoring solutions available can only monitor public facing websites or services but PushMon goes beyond that.


The first thing you do here while considering is that specifying an email address to get alerted on and moreover a schedule. Say, suppose you have a database backup script that runs every day at 3 am in the morning. You have entered the schedule “by 4:00 AM every day.” Once you clicked, “Create URL,” the system will generate a PushMon URL for you. Now, you have to call this URL at the end of your backup script, to tell PushMon your script has successfully ran. If PushMon doesn’t hear from the script, it will send and alert to the email address. You can also get notified by email, phone, sms, url, Gtalk, YM or Twitter. PushMon will alert you if the computer running the backup script is off, if it has no internet connection, if the cron does not run properly, or if the backup script does not run properly.


The service currently asking you to enter you your email address so that you can sign up to get an invite code during public beta stage.


There are many ways you can use PushMon. You can even get creative and use it as an alarm clock.

  • Get notified when your scheduled tasks fail, or has network connectivity issues, or if it didn’t run at all.
  • Add PushMon at the end of your batch jobs so you get notified if they don’t run. No need to wait for someone to manually check at 9:00 AM when your jobs run at 5:00 AM.
  • Call PushMon after your automated test scripts to make sure they run on schedule.
  • Call PushMon after your backup scripts run, so you know your backups are running smoothly. For complicated backups, you can even use multiple PushMon URLs so you can easily tell which stages have failed.
  • Use PushMon to monitor your monitoring system. Let it ping PushMon to tell it if it’s up and running.
  • Run a custom application to check the health of your website, application, database and/or machine every hour. Ping PushMon if everything is fine. You’ll get alerted if something is wrong or the health checker failed to run.
  • Use PushMon with your Continuous Integration system so you get notified if it’s not running as expected.
  • Run it on a computer you want to make sure is up and has internet connectivity. No need to check on it anymore.
  • Expecting a file upload every Friday? Create a script that pings PushMon every Friday if the file exists. You’ll get notified if the upload does not happen.
  • Assign a PushMon URL to each of your team members and use it as a simple bundy clock. Get notified if someone does not come in by a certain time.
  • Use it as a wakeup call. If you don’t click the URL by 6:00 AM, you get a phone call.

Suggestions from I2Mag side:

Give it a try and use the Pushmon service, it is a great product and will be used in as many ways as you want. If you like to have the invite code for the publication, you can click here, fill the form and we will send it to you within 24 hours after receiving your email.

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