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Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 12:27pm by Editorial Staff

The internet is a fascinating place, when if used to its full potential can create a tremendous platform to run a successful business and launch it into a brand that is self-sufficient.

There is a tendency for data to be regarded as useless. But no data can even be termed irrelevant, and this is being put into practice by leading IT firms.Companies and brands world over invest huge amount of capital on features that help consumers interact, but all that data seems redundant after a while, but data can never be redundant.

IT and AI

2017 saw a steady growth of companies adopting and even investing in AI, with over 81% of major IT companies now investing in Artificial intelligence. This only seems like the natural progression of things, with IT being clubbed with AI. AI today is seeing a steady rise in the IT sector, with algorithms that help make us better understand data. Today there is a growing number of software companies that are exploiting this feature, giving companies an insight on data, helping us understand it and help make informative decisions based on them.

With the help of Enterprise machine Intelligence, Infrrd, a software based company uses smart machine intelligence to come up with technology that helps make the online space less chaotic and helps companies make sense of the copious amount of data that is being floating around. Spread across the globe, this software company uses artificial intelligence to help companies make sense of the jargons of consumer collected data on the internet. This data, sometimes as trifle as reviews, can hold within them copious amount of information. However getting to this information and using it.

User generated Content Analysis

Many a times companies fail to recognise the plethora of data that is already present with them. One such case is with User Generated content, such as review for products. Now product reviews are important from the customer point of view, as it helps them to make informed decisions about the product. But with rapidly growing number of review for products this becomes an increasingly tedious task. Not all review are viewed and hence the customer just reads a couple of them to help in the decision making process. But this may not have the information that really matters to them.

This is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) really comes handy. With the help of NLP algorithms we can break down content to help customers see what information is relevant to them, which inturn helps them make informed decisions.

NLP helps simplify content, and makes it easy for users to navigate through copious amounts of data, with just a few clicks. The algorithm especially helps, when there are long reviews where it is time consuming and tedious to read the entire review. Here the algorithm highlights the relevant sections of the content, making it easier for users to read.

So how does Infrrd’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) help brands and companies?

Be the first to predict a trend

Consumer needs and requirements are constantly changing. With a flux in the market, the latest trend becomes obsolete and this affects all brands. With NLP and Infrrd’s unique machine learning intelligence, you can now understand the behaviour of consumers as well as the changing trends and preferences in the market along with the understanding the motives behind various reviews and ratings.

Place your products better

An NLP algorithm also helps better increase the searchability of your products. Brands can now use product reviews to boost search conversion rates. This it does not just with specifications of your products but also insights from consumer conversations, reviews, consumer uploaded images, Q&A, feedback etc. Here the unique NLP Algorithms gives you the tool to better market your product in a competitive market.

Text Analysis

With their unique machine learning intelligence you can make sense of large amounts of consumer generated text. Things like consumer review, chats, conversations etc. can give you a deep insight into what consumers prefer and help direct them to more preferred products, thus increasing your consumer experience on your site. Text analysis can also help you better tag your products depending on what consumers have to say about it, making your product more relevant.

Personalise your bots

With NLP you can connect your bots better to consumers, offering them a very personalised service making for a great overall experience.


If you have a consumer driven business, Infrrd’s NLP algorithms comes as the perfect tool to help you better understand your consumer base as well as well as help you better market your products.This is a great tool to have when you have to understand consumer behaviour and make sense of consumer generated  data. If you are still doubtful of the usability of NLP in your business setup, we suggest requesting a free demo, which will give you clear idea of how this algorithm fits into your company.

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