Marketing Magic – 5 Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Business Grow

Posted on May 14 2019 - 6:20am by Editorial Staff

Business means nothing if you don’t have marketing.

Marketing is where you plan how to find customers and how to keep them, in basic terms.  

According to CMO, marketing-spend in the USA is 11.2 percent of revenue. Are you dedicating that much to your marketing? If you’re in the growth stage, this may seem unreasonable. 

So here are some marketing tricks that will help you get to the level where you can allocate 11.2% to your marketing, without blinking an eye! Try out these marketing hacks. 

#1 Keep Your List Close 

By now, you have a database. Whether that be a small audience on your Facebook page, blog subscribers or users who filled in a CTA (call to action). 

Focus on this list, nurture this list. 

These are the people who’ve indicated interest in your business and are the easiest people to market your business to. 

This database should be your bible. 

Keep the data healthy and look at ways to maximize the way that you use this data. 

Think about database management, collect birthday information from your audience, manage the information funnel correctly to see where these leads are sitting and focus on nurturing the leads you already have. 

#2 Prioritize Content Marketing 

No doubt, you have a website and a social media presence. 

Focus on content marketing. 

Content marketing is an easy marketing idea, easy to manage and easy to strategize. 

Providing relevant, high-quality content for potential customers of your business is a no-fail system. Infographics are a great way to show people you’re in the know. 

Consider what type of content and in what format, your audience would like to see and know. What questions they need answering. 

Your strategy here should be to make yourself an authority within your industry, whether this is in a digital space or a physical location. Which brings us to: 

#3 SEO is Paramount 

Prioritizing your SEO is unquestionable. 

Your content plan and SEO go hand in hand. 

There is no point in having great content that nobody will ever see. 

Having a great SEO campaign is going to increase your search rankings and in no time, your business will be top of mind when people are searching for your services or products. 

The scope of SEO is vast, having an understanding of what it is that you need to achieve will be immeasurable. 

#4 Branding is your Best Friend

Many businesses don’t place importance on their brand. Whether you’re a startup or not. Your brand profile, design, and personality need to be top of mind. 

Make sure your branding has been done exceptionally well. 

From business cards to your Facebook page to your letterheads: your brand should be consistent. 

Your audience should know it’s you, just by seeing your collateral, online or offline. 

#5 Speak to your People

Ask your customers for feedback, and make it available for everyone to see. 

Show your positive reviews, show your reviews where you’ve solved a customer’s problem. 

Being proud is an easy marketing hack. 

Reviews and accessible information make your business seem transparent and approachable. 

You’ve got your Marketing Tricks! 

You’ve got five simple marketing tricks to use. The world is your oyster. If you need more information, check out the rest of our site. 

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