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Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 7:21pm by Editorial Staff

There is a lot of room out there for a new cleaning business to succeed. Most businesses that own offices will make use of outsourced cleaners rather than their own. There are plenty of residential jobs for those who don’t have time on hand to do their own cleaning, too. But there are plenty of cleaning businesses out there, too, so you have to make sure you polish yours to sheen that can’t be ignored.

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Hunt those customers

When you’re going for customers, the best way is to figure out which market exactly you should be targeting. Having a niche in mind is going to give you some space amongst potential competitors, rather than having to try take business away from them. As well as a niche, you should decide a geographical base of operations. If it would reduce the number of clients you could service in a day, for instance, you don’t want a scope that has you spending hours traveling from one job to the next. Honing sights on your target market and collecting data on them makes it a lot easier to find where to target them, too. For instance, if you decide your business should specialize in cleaning commercial offices, then you can start looking for leads at nearby office buildings.

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Put some effort into your marketing

The niche has to go into your marketing, as well. While you might offer a broad range of services, clean website design for your cleaning company is all about targeting the niche first and foremost. Invest a little in professional site design, advertising, SEO and other marketing methods. There’s likely to be plenty of competition in your area, but few really give marketing a professional effort. Stand out from the rest and look like you mean business.

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Invest in customer service

You’re there to clean, but you’re a paid service, so act like it. Make sure you and your employees know the importance of excellent customer service. From engaging clients with a smile and getting to know them to little touches like giving coupons on special occasions like Christmas to bringing a treat for pets they might have. The best cleaning services play the long-game because long-term clients create a much more stable business.

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Don’t take it lightly

It might not be the most glamorous industry to work in, but cleaning professionals need to take it seriously. You need to clean with care as if the clients things are your own. It costs a lot less to spend more time cleaning without incident than to replace any broken possessions. The vocation of cleaning needs to be taken seriously, as well. From the technology you could implement that will improve the work you do to the changing safety regulations and information about certain cleaning products, you need to keep up to date on the trends of the industry.

Whether you want to get in commercial or residential cleaning, outsourcing maid or janitorial services, or cleaning any and every kind of service, these tips are going to get the customers you need to make a success of it.

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