Leading With Leverage – Skills To Help You Look After Your Employees

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 9:07am by Editorial Staff

The one essential asset in business is one that is right under your nose, your employees. Making sure that you look after your employees is what should drive you to implement a more human approach to the workplace. With computers and automation providing a lot of productivity by itself, it can be foreseen that computers will overtake staff in terms of their duties in 20 years time at least! So, in the meantime, by engaging your staff and making sure that they are appreciated, and productive is what will help you yield the numbers and edge in business.

It begins and ends with you, the leader. As the leader of your business, you need to communicate working standards and practices that you would adhere to, and this is where the old phrase “to lead by example” comes in. Regardless of your business size, whether you are a small startup company, a medium-sized business, or a large conglomerate, you are the beginning and the end. Whether you like it or not, you are the face of the company, and people are looking to you for guidance, advice, and moral support. By understanding the fundamental procedure of engagement with your employees, this will help to turn over profit, increase productivity, and reduce issues like absenteeism or staff turnover.

Understanding your employees and how they tick is not a one size fits all approach. While many businesses try to fit employees into a certain business model that has been suitable in the past, in the world of depression and anxiety, it is now important to roll with the punches and to make sure that employees are in charge of their own lives. Running a factory line mentality doesn’t work in the modern world, you need to be encouraging a diverse structure, devoid of any notion of conformity because we now rely on creative business methods as supposed to rigid structures.

While technology has the potential to overcome many business problems, on a human level it is not there yet, so by using tech as a means to analyze and to implement structures, it is a vastly important tool. Regardless of your needs as a business, you can use technology to communicate to your employees, to ensure they can all be reached in an emergency, or to provide invaluable insight into employee traits, such as sick days. So you can identify patterns or areas where the staff members are falling down on, so improvement can be encouraged and implemented.

The final point in your employees’ overall wellbeing is the word “health.” Health means many different things, but by having healthy and engaged employees, this is what will help your business to earn a profit. Taking the holistic view to business is now a very popular approach and is one that your business should be implementing on different levels. By making sure that your employees are healthy on a physical and emotional level is what you should be making your priority before numbers and targets. It’s like having an amazing car with a poor engine, you may have the means to do well, but if your fundamentals aren’t in place then you will barely make it down the road.

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