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Choosing a faucet has always been a problem for many people. You will be stuck with the different options in the market. At times, it is difficult to find the perfect item to blend with your industrial rustic, vintage, or contemporary décor. In this article, we will break down some of the common finishes for faucets. We will share some of the pros and cons, and the best uses for each. 

Brushed nickel

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Brushed nickel has a shiny look, which has made many people confuse it with stainless steel. It has a matte look and is one of the dominant finishes in the faucet market.  Many homeowners love brushed nickel fixtures because they blend easily with almost any design. It is highly durable, easy to clean, and can hide fingerprint marks and water spots. 

Brushed nickel can match different kitchen and bathroom accessories and it is affordable.  It creates an attractive look against white walls and sinks. The faucets can be used in both country and modern decor.  


Brass faucets tend to bring out a country or outdoorsy look to your kitchens and bathrooms. Cleaning them is easy and they are extremely durable. They are usually made out of polished brass or satin brass. If you want a beautiful gold accent without the excessive glam, satin brass would be a perfect choice. 

The matte finish on a satin faucet makes it easy to conceal stains like fingerprints.  Polished brass would blend perfectly in a traditional setting, while satin can do modern and rustic. Both finishes are quite rare and can be expensive. You need a good eye for design if you decide to go with either. 

Chrome faucets

Chrome is among the least expensive finishes. It is extremely versatile and can be fixed into almost any kitchen or bathroom. It matches easily with a wide range of accessories. If you want a contemporary look, for example, you can go for a design with crisp edges. 

Chrome faucets can be cleaned with one wipe and they are easy to maintain. One of the main drawbacks with the chrome finish is its inability to hide fingerprints and water spots. It is a great choice over brushed nickel if you have no problems with a little extra shine.

Matte Black

Black faucets are continuing to grow in popularity across the design space. Their ability to stand out makes them great accent pieces for the kitchen/bathroom. Cleaning them is a breeze and they are good at hiding fingerprints and dirt spots. Matte black can match with almost any house design. 

However, you will need a keen eye to coordinate it with the rest of the accessories. As one of the pricey options, matte faucets will stretch your plumbing budget if you’re running a major kitchen remodel. However, they are among the small items that lead to a huge change in the overall look.  When choosing faucets, it is always a good idea to consider the rest of the fixtures for coordination. Try shopping for everything from the same manufacturer to ensure that you are getting the exact quality. 

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