Kurion, the California Based Nuclear Waste Startup on the Mission to Cleanup Fukusima Nuclear Plant in Japan

Posted on Jan 6 2012 - 11:02pm by Editorial Staff

Kurion, the nuclear waste cleanup startup based in California, US, working on the major nuclear waste cleanup site – Fukusima in Japan, the one of the largest nuclear disasters in history. The Kurion technology was earlier used to clean the U.S.’s Three Mile Island nuclear disaster site.

Ion specific media”, the material developed by Kurion for the cleanup, which mainly soaks up nuclear particles and then shipped the waste to a contaminated site resulting in the waste can be safely shipped somewhere for storage. The project cost up Japan tens of billions of dollars, and may take years to clean up the whole.

About Kurion:

Kurion is a technology development company providing proprietary solutions that isolate waste from the environment to help enable new clean safe nuclear power for a secure energy future. Kurion’s solutions are modular, quickly deployable, work with existing systems, and substantially reduce our customers’ total lifecycle costs.

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