How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

Posted on Dec 8 2016 - 8:18pm by Editorial Staff

Smartphones are the pride and joy of countless people across the world. They have literally changed the way we live our lives. We keep the majority of our key information on our smartphones. There are a great many things which can badly damage your phone, we look at some of them here.

Look After The Battery

Smartphone batteries are precarious things. Logically, most people charge them up over night, and let the battery run down throughout the day right? Wrong, apparently they need to be charged in short bursts throughout the day, otherwise the battery can be damaged. You should never let it run all the way out, it’s bad for the phone. The more you do this the more your phone will lose charge, leaving you frustrated as the bar drops quicker and quicker. Try to keep it topped up throughout the day if you can in short bursts.

Watch Out For a Virus

We’ve all had a laptop virus, from a simple removeable trojan to debilitating malware that corrupts your files and leave you needing expert help. Well, the same can happen to our phones. Smartphones are essentially computers, and as such susceptible to all manner of nasty viruses, malware and spyware. There are many great apps that can help your phone, especially a great antivirus app for ios.


Keep Your Phone From Getting Too Hot

Some of you may have experienced it, your phone will flash up a warning sign indicating it’s too hot and can’t operate. It’s deadly for you device, it can fry delicate circuitry inside and isn’t good for your battery. Try to keep it in the shade and out of direct sunlight, especially in summer. On the flip side, it shouldn’t get too cold either, this is equally bad for the battery.

Turn It Off Once In Awhile

Your phone needs a break, the majority of us leave it on constantly, either in use or whilst charging. But if you turn it off your phone will reboot, and while doing this clear the cache, meaning it’ll run faster, and it will also restart all of your subsystems, meaning your phone will run diagnostics and clear your RAM, keeping it clear and up to date. Think of it as similar to defragging your computer or laptop. You should try to turn it off and on once every few days.

Use A Case

It may seem obvious, but many people don’t use a case. Even if you drop it, pick it up and it looks fine it can still do damage to the phone internally. Your sim card, battery and camera can get damaged in the drop, and you won’t even notice it, yet it will shorten the general life of your smartphone. If you crack the screen it can be quite expensive to repair, so it’s sometimes worth taking out insurance. If you do this you’re covered for all kinds of damage and theft, just in case. There are some great smartphone insurers here.

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