Judge Approves FBI Warrant To Google Unlock Pimp’s Cellphone

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

Over on the FBI request, a judge has approved that the search giant Google could give up a wide range of information on a pimp’s Android cellphone, including those urging how to get past its pattern lock. Back in 2005, the “Pimpin’ Hoes Daily” (PhD) gang in San Diego was sent to prison for pimping, mainly on the grounds of teenage prostitution, as well as beating up of a 15-year old girl and stuffing her in the trunk of a car when she refused to work. When dears’ released, FBI trusted source reported that he was still engage in prostitution activities over a mobile phone.

Soon after he had agreed to let law enforcement search his home as a condition of his parole, the FBI found and collected the phone, then obtained a warrant to search it. Although unable to get past the Android pattern lock, resulting in locking down the device. They later on filed a warrant to get Google to help them unlock it. The warrant was finally approved by a judge, but at what extent we do not have any confirmation for that. In it, the FBI asks for a warrant to be served on Google. It wants to know:

  • The subscriber’s name, address, Social Security number, account login and password
  • “All e-mail and personal contact list information on file for cellular telephone”
  • The times and duration of every webpage visited
  • All text messages sent and received from the phone, including photo and video messages
  • Any e-mail addresses or instant messenger accounts used on the phone
  • “Verbal and/or written instructions for overriding the ‘pattern lock’ installed on the” phone
  • All search terms, Internet history, and GPS data that Google has stored for the phone
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