Iran Telco Ministry Asks Banks, Insurance Firms And Others To Use .IR Email Client To Response To Client, Prohibiting Foreign Email Hosts

Posted on May 14 2012 - 8:04am by Editorial Staff

Iran in its latest bid to prove its point again that it will not allow any foreign things to surface even on its web-o-sphere, AFP reports that country’s telecommunications ministry has barred local banks, insurance firms and telephone operators from using foreign-sourced emails to communicate with clients. The order prohibits banks, insurance firms and telephone firms using foreign hosts for their sites or to inform their clients using foreign providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or MSN.

The weekly said that individuals seeking to communicate with such firms must now use email addresses ending with, or Entities linked to the Iranian government must use addresses ending in or .ir, while universities should use emails ending in or .ir, the report added.

Iran earlier prohibited import of foreign computer security software and moreover even started building its own anti-virus software as even if seen earlier times Iran is one such good nation who had prohibited/banned sites for quite some time.  If with the same speed and act it will be going in the future, the day is not so far, when we see everything in Iran at least on web will comes up with a tag as “Made in Iran”.

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