Internet Explorer Crunched Market Share From Both Firefox And Chrome In January

Posted on Feb 2 2012 - 5:40am by Editorial Staff

Internet Explorer snagged market share from both Chrome and Firefox in January. The web browsers January market share numbers are out, and Internet Explorer gained over a point seemingly at the expense of its rivals – Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

According to Market Share, for the month of January, Internet Explorer (all versions) controlled some 52.96% of the global browser market which is up from December’s tally of 51.87%. Chrome declined from 19.11% to 18.94% over the same time frame. Firefox eased from 21.83% to 20.88%. Safari lost 0.07% market share to end January with some 4.90% of the market.

Internet Explorer 9 only rises from 11.48% to 11.64% during the month – the only time that browser has not lost global market share in the last year was between October and November, when it was essentially unch. However, Microsoft still urges on the similar previous data. In its blog post on the latest numbers, the company continued to discuss market share only in terms what is running on Windows 7. In short, Internet Explorer is managing to hold its own and more, even if temporarily, is a bigger browsers story.

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