Indian Minister Kapil Sibal Speaks Over Social Media Regulations In The Country

Posted on Feb 25 2012 - 11:12am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Sachin Mishra is in the process of finishing his Computer Science engineering, and having a wide interest in the field of Web Designing and Development.

India’s Communications and Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal seems recently commented over the issue of social sites during launching of his poetry. According to Sibal the way the Print media and electronic media regulated in the country, in the same way why social media is not a subject of regulation, pointing further towards the tech giants, ”The rumor and “imperialism” all around that somebody says that since my server is in the US I don’t care about the laws of the country”. While at the time of posting poem on Google they said “They don’t have any sense of humour.” Sibal said these words at the time of recently posting its second volume “My world within.”

“Sibal said social media has greater rights than the print or the electronic media.” – everyone has right to present his opinion freely  and also refused that he isn’t oppose to  Social media but it should be regulated like a print media and electronic media.

The issue is not a serious one, each and every person have its own perception – each person present his view freely but there is no need to debate longer one, like few people say “FDI” in U.S is not good .so it is not issue of debate of “FDI” is good or bad, he added. There are cases already ruling against Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other social site for ‘unsuitable content’ on internet in the country and with this he wants to point it to the Web companies and users’ content suggesting that they should be accountable as per India’s laws, rules and regulations.

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