How To Improve Your Business Security

Posted on May 14 2016 - 5:20pm by Editorial Staff

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Often it’s too late and something has already gone wrong before businesses begin taking security seriously. Don’t fall victim to external crimes or even those committed within your company when you could build a comprehensive commercial security system before it’s too late.

Here we’ll discuss the most common and powerful security applications every business should learn to utilize. Security is not just for keeping your inventory or money safe, but also about the safety of your workers, and so should always be a top priority.

Fire Systems

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A fire could do more than damage property- it could threaten the well-being of your workers and it can set your schedule and budget behind by months. Inadequate fire safety systems should never be the reason your company suffers through such an unfortunate event, so how can you maximize your security?

In case of a fire, your security system will be responsible for:

  • Detection – Quickly and accurately detecting a fire.
  • Notification – Efficiently alerting anyone in the building to the situation, and giving them clear access to emergency exit routes. Quickly and efficiently notifying emergency services of the event.
  • Extinguishing – The ability to extinguish or contain the fire until emergency crew arrive. 

Typically, fire detectors will also double as carbon monoxide detectors for added security. There are even wireless fire detector models which can be applied almost anywhere without the need for hard wiring. 

You will want a system which will alert not only your place of business and surrounding area, but also your local emergency services. In case of fire, make it easy for someone to manually set off an alarm, and to access extinguishing devices.

Alarm Systems

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Your business needs to be armed with an alarm system for times when there is no one in the building, as well as during business hours to protect areas which are off-limits. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your alarm system must work despite lost access to the internet, electricity or other devices. If one piece of your security system fails, you need to be sure your alarms will still function.
  • Business owners are more in control of their security than ever before, and many alarm systems come with helpful smartphone apps so you can always keep an eye on your security. These apps can tell you what’s going on in your secure areas, even when the alarms aren’t armed.

Security Cameras

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Recently, of small business owners polled, 66% said video surveillance is the most valuable security measure they take, and for good reason. Security cameras are multi-functional, acting to secure your company’s assets from criminals, and to monitor your employees’ productivity. Additionally, video evidence is often key in resolving accident disputes and cases of company liability.

Here are some security camera tips:

  • Cameras are used to deter criminals, but more than that, they provide evidence of the crime to help solve cases and get justice.
  • When using cameras to watch your employees, transparency will go a long way. You’re watching them, yes, but it’s in an attempt to make the work environment a more enjoyable and productive place. Be open about where the cameras are and why they’re used.
  • There are many different cameras for a variety of uses. Research the different kinds so you will know what’s best for your business. You will need to look at what quality of film you want the cameras to capture, whether they will be stationary or able to move around 360 degrees and zoom in on specific targets. Some cameras only work well in the day, while others will give you perfect clarity at night. Consider all your needs before making a decision.

Now you know the basic tools of commercial security. You need a strong network of efficient devices and practices, as well as a clear understanding of security maintenance and technology advances. Don’t feel overwhelmed, though; your security company should be able to go through the details of you specific operation.

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