HP Sues Oracle Over Software Creation That Runs On HP System Intel’s Itanium Chip

Posted on Apr 25 2012 - 7:48am by Editorial Staff

With Oracle and Google ongoing legal battle, Oracle has to prepare itself to face another from the biggie, this time from Hewlett-Packard. What the information making round is that HP sued Oracle over an agreement to continue to create software that will run on HP systems running Intel’s Itanium chip. Oracle from its part, has argued that Intel plans to phase out the Itanium chip. In Oracle’s filing, “HP has now been forced to admit that the fuzzy, feel-good language in the Reaffirmation Provision would fail as a porting contract on its own — unless the Court supplies numerous detailed terms inferred from the parties’ course of dealing.” In the second of the two filings, HP makes the point that Hurd, once HP’s CEO and now Oracle’s co-president, had previously worked with Intel on Itanium-related matters.

Oracle Reply Msa 1599529
HP Reply in Support of Cross Claim MSJ

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