How To Show Your Company’s Tech-Savvy Side At A Trade Show

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 7:25am by Editorial Staff

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Trade show exhibits are quickly becoming more and more interactive. Consisting of millennials, the new generation of trade show attendees have a very unique view of these exhibitions and expect to be wowed by every exhibitor. They expect something different than exhibitors handing out pounds and pounds of literature.

What does this mean for your company? As an exhibitor, you want to bring out your tech-savvy side to arm the millennial visitors (for whom it is all about technology, speed and use) with engagement opportunities. Even if your business doesn’t have technology-related operations, you could still benefit from having a tech-savvy booth.

Here are some ways to help your company become more tech-savvy at your next trade show event:

Use event management software to impress customers

Event management software is a great way to keep things organized. Look for a model that sends an email back to your company office whenever a new lead is captured. This can be an ideal way to impress potential customers at a trade show before they event return to their homes.

This software can also be used to send out emails to attendees following the show, about new product announcements or opportunities for connecting with your brand, which can significantly increase your company’s return on investment. Additionally, this software can also be used to give attendees who leave their personal information invites to future trade shows.

Touch displays to supplement interactivity and engagement

Another viable option is to take advantage of touch-technologies. If your booth is well-attended, the attendees may have to wait a few minutes before getting a chance to speak to your staff. But touch display technologies strategically placed around your booth will allow them to spend time learning what your company has to offer as they wait for their turn.

Ready-to-run display touch panels come with embedded computers and feature a wide range of processing capabilities and display dimensions that range up to 22 inches in size. Industry-capable intelligent displays can be created with the toughest industrial requirements and equipped with multi-core processing technology to ensure fast-response times to end-users.

Use apps

There are tons of smartphone apps that make attending a trade show a more smooth process. Some of the popular apps you can use include business card scanners, photo contest apps, and product selling applications like Square.

Apps likeSquare will be useful if you plan to sell products at the booth. They’re compatible with both tablets and smartphones and enable you to use a small device to scan credit cards. You only pay a small fee to enable attendees to make purchases via a secured connection. Other apps can be used to show the floor plan, display who will be speaking first, where are the workshops located, and more.

Smartphones, tablets and QR codes

Gone are the days when companies measured the success of their trade shows based on the literature they distributed, while attendees measured trade show success by the pound collected. Rather than distributing costly printed materials, add QR codes to your display that are directed directly to your company’s website.

This would also enable attendees to use their devices to capture this codes and get the information they want. This approach costs exhibitors less, is greener, and cuts down wastage of extra literature that gets thrown away.

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