How To Protect Your Business Against Criminal Threats

Posted on Jan 7 2014 - 9:46am by Teresa Stewart


Random shootings have been in the news so much lately that people are becoming desensitized to the events. Almost every day you hear about another psychopath going on a shooting spree to relieve their frustrations on society. Most end up in a suicide, while others result in capture.

Many psychiatrists who study mass shootings attempt to create a profile stating paranoia, sadness, being angry, and depressed as analytical reasons behind these tragic crimes. No one can fully claim that they understand the psychology behind these events. No one can even claim they understand how it happens. But what every business owner must understand is that it is a reality and they must consider these types of events as part of their security plans.

A Big Dose of Reality

Yes, as sad and scary as it is to consider that a random shooting could take place at your company, you can no longer avoid this reality. Shootings take place in any area, in any industry, and in any type of situation. Disgruntled employees, angry spouses, significant others, or random maniacs can all appear on your doorstep and you must be ready.

The situation described above may sound a little paranoid to the average person. It is human nature to see the best and not believe that bad things can happen, but this is not always the best thought process. Hiding your head in the sand won’t make the issue disappear. If you think that this is being too paranoid, run an Internet search on “random shooting” and add the year to the search. What you will find is that these incidences have been steadily increasing over the last five years and that in 2013 nearly every day registered one of these events.

What Can You do About It?

There are several things that owners already do to secure their business. They put into place digital, financial, and Internet security measures. Owners take special care to protect their physical location and assets by installing security systems. Many, however, overlook the necessity to protect employees and clients. Not only is this dangerous, it also places a great liability on the company. Companies without security measures in place could be held financially responsible to victims of a shooting that takes place within the confines of their facility.

It is recommended that business owners have an audit performed by a professional security company. Not only can an assessment find any issues that may be of concern in protecting your employees and clients physically, it can also identify any risks to your physical location and digital assets.

While running the company may seem the most critical element, due to the upswing in violent work place activity, it is imperative for business owners to seriously consider these security measures. No one wants to see anyone hurt or killed. No one wants their business at risk for damages or theft. 

To prevent these things from occurring, business owners must use preemptive tactics to minimize the potential for incidents. Contextually, one such industry leader that connects through social media here makes their team of trained professionals available to “…to provide unparalleled explosive detection, consulting, training and perimeter security services.” Chances are that you will never encounter a random shooter walking into your business. But there is still a slim chance that it could happen. Being prepared for a “worst case scenario” may actually save not only your business but more importantly, save lives.

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