How To Improve Communications Throughout Your Business To Achieve Success

Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 10:15am by Shane Russo


Despite it being 2014, many businesses are plagued by outdated and woefully inefficient communications systems. Modern technology now permits businesses with ways to connect with others around the globe– instantly. So why, then, is it taking so long for companies to adopt these new, streamlined communications systems that make the process of speaking with other businesses easier?

Communication Systems 

In our internet-dominated society, it’s hard to believe that a telecommunications system can improve a business enough so that it is fully capable of competing for a share of the market. As with everything, it would seem, one aspect is not enough. A telecommunication system can help a business compete for a share of the market. But coupling its efficiency with a concerted social media strategy is important to reach your customers, and potential customers as well. Creating an effective social media strategy is hard, and pitfalls like oversaturation and undersaturation create a fine-line for businesses to walk, in order for their message to be heard.

For one, look at Toll Free Numbers, an easy and efficient strategy to gain a global presence for your business. As the article, “1-800 Numbers: What Are They And What Can They Do For My Business “ on states, “Having a toll-free number widens a base without having to go to the customer. They take the business anywhere, instead of catering to a local audience.”


Communicating with clients can be one thing, but communicating within a company is something completely different. Working terrestrially is one thing, but as we become more and more mobile, the need for systems that can handle the mobility becomes more significant. Thankfully, the industry has kept up with the demand, even shaping it, to an extent.


Cloud technology allows access to important documents and spreadsheets from anywhere with an internet connection. No longer is it necessary for employees to run back to the office to update a spreadsheet; all they have to do is log on, and make the necessary corrections. It makes the process of working from home easier, as well, improving overall productivity.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of a cloud system is its collaborative abilities: if a secretary creates a spreadsheet, they can share it with the necessary parties within the company, and allow them collaborative permission, meaning that all parties can update the spreadsheet without ever having to be on the same continent, should they be somewhere else. But cloud computing is much more than that. It can completely transform your organization with tools like Netsuite. If you’re wondering, it’s very easy to integrate Netsuite into your workflow.

Success Can Be Cost-Effective

Cost, as it always is, is often a prohibitive factor for companies. It would make sense that the ability to have voicemails turned into MP3 files and sent to an email account for easier access and a revamped organizational process would cost a lot of money. But the fact is that it doesn’t, and even more shockingly: this is just one of the features that small businesses can take advantage of. A designated email address can also receive faxes from anywhere, and they can be viewed as PDF’s for convenience.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the modern day telecommunications system is the ease with which each can be managed. Online control centers serve as literal headquarters for administration of said system. Phone lines can be added instantly, extensions set-up, and you can even pay the bill there.

With business communications systems progressing rapidly, previously-hidden benefits to their utilization are becoming more apparent. While streamlining a company’s management of the system, their benefits have become more inclusive. Administration is easier than ever, saving everyone in the company from processes so mundane that they could possibly end in workplace disasters.

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