How To Give Your Child A Great Education When You Have A Busy Job

Posted on Mar 21 2018 - 7:48am by Editorial Staff

Having a child is one of the greatest joys a person can experience, and although daunting, marks your step into the world of being a parent. However, when you have a busy job, it’s hard to feel as though you are missing out on your child’s pivotal years as they grow up. A parent is one of the best educators of a child, as it is where you contribute to their growth in social education, rather than just being then one who helps with their homework. Sometimes, it is an impossibility to give them all your time when you spend a lot of your life in work, making an income to provide for them. Following these tips can ensure you’re giving them the best education you can.

Hire a nanny

Your job may require you to work long into the night, and it could well be the same for your partner. This often means that your child may be left unable to get home from any extra-curricular activities, or devoid of someone to help with challenging homework. To make sure they don’t miss out on such vital parts of education, it’s a good idea to hire a nanny to help. Many households employlive-in nannies if their budget can allow it, and when they want their child to receive the best care, especially at an early age. Mostly, it’s wise to hire university students or nannies to come in the evening, who can help bolster you child’s after-school education and support.

Consider sending them to a boarding school

It could be that you are worried about the core parts of your child’s educational life, which may suffer if you and your partner spend long periods away. For many parents either in the army, or who travel a lot, sending their children to a boarding school could be the best option. Here, they can receive the best support, and their experiences will also contribute heavily to their emotional intelligence, which is key in terms of surviving in the ‘real world’ after they have left education. There are many boarding schools across the country; one offering educationfor primary age children is Cumnor House School, which places outstanding education at their heart.

Use holidays as an educational tool

It could be that some of the only time you can spend with your children for an extended period is on family holidays. Luckily, you might be able to take them to exotic locations, where culture and history are happening all around them. Whether at a cultural location or on a trip to the local beach, you can use each holiday as a chance to broaden your child’s mind, by taking them to museums and on tours. Although you may not feel as though this is benefiting your child as much as traditional education, the facts and memories they learn here are the ones they will remember the most. Don’t forget, it’s a great excuse to teach them a language if you are in a foreign country.

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