How To Be Productive During Your Daily Commute

Posted on Jul 14 2015 - 7:02am by Editorial Staff

Unless you are working from home, your daily commute surely last at least few minutes a day. For most people, it lasts a lot longer. They must set aside a couple of hours a day to travel to and from work. Are you among them? What do you do during this time to make it pass faster? Do you listen to music? Try to pass a new level on Candy Crush Saga? Do you use this time to catch up on all the latest gossip with your best friend? Or do you use bus ride to continue your sleeping? Well, there is surely a more productive way to make the most of this time.

You do not have to consider this time lost. These days, with the development of technology you have more options than ever. With the help of your mobile phone or tablet, you can do so many things that can make your day a lot easier. Did you know that employees in large companies spend 14% of their time checking emails? That means that you could save 14% of your time by doing that on your commute to work, and that would take only few swipes on your smartphone.

Although you want to do as much as business tasks you can in your busy day, try considering you your daily commute your valuable relaxing time. If you don’t have a chance to read often, why not take advantage of your trip to work and spice up your reading habits. Mix up your reading list; you might discover something new about your taste. Taking a little time for yourself before you start your hectic work day will surely make you more relaxed and productive. In this helpful infographic find out more great things you can do during your daily commute to be more productive.


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