How Affiliate Marketers Assist Players and Casinos Alike

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 11:08am by Ken Edwards

Chances are, if you’ve ever searched the web for online casinos, you may have stumbled across websites that appear to be casinos, but do not actually host any games themselves. ‘Affiliate marketing sites’ or ‘affiliates’ turn a penny by promoting online casinos to potential players. To that end, affiliate marketers are fundamentally a friendly conduit to bring players and casinos together in a non-threatening, professional, independent and value-free environment.

Gone are the days when unprofessional spam-filled link building, typo-laden, poor grammar and keyword stuffing used to be the norm. Today’s best affiliate sites like for example, are smooth and slick and offer independent and honest advice delivering you all the information you need to make the best online casino choice that sits your personalised needs.

How affiliation works

Affiliates are not unique to the online casino industry. You can potentially find affiliate marketers working in a growing variety of industries, including telecommunications, broadband, insurance, finance, retail, travel and even electricity providers. However, no matter what the sector, the principle of affiliation is similar.

In the Online Casino Industry in particular, affiliate partners either provide their site visitors (i.e. potential online casino clients) with casino reference links or sometimes simply place online casino ad banners on their pages. Online Casino Webmasters fit in special scripts to their internet platforms received from affiliate programs. Users of the affiliate simply click on such a link and are automatically redirected to their online casino of choice. Many users begin playing in the casino immediately, say like you can find some of these great games at bgo casino, and you can get some great bonus to get started with. If so, the affiliate program of the online casino pays a particular percentage to the affiliate partner depending on the player’s actions, choice of games played etc.

Sounds too easy, right? Beware, there is hard work involved if you’re going to make some money in this competitive marketplace. You’ll need to put together a site that will be full of the very best independent advice, honest and impartial online casino game reviews and fun, well-researched and well-written content that will keep your sites readers engaged.

Remember, the affiliate is the intermediary, the one who provides transparency to the potential player. The affiliate is the independent ‘information source’ that willprovide players with a unique idea or concept providing a win-win scenario. That scenario needs tosuccessfully facilitate a lasting relationship that makes the potential player and the online casino happy bedfellows. Then, and only then will the Affiliate benefit and start to turn a profit.

Quality Online Casino Support

In order for online casinos to help potential affiliates entice clients to visit the sites they’ll be promoting, they’regiven a range of attractively packaged affiliate material such as, videos, live games, banners, special offers and bonus text links that are placed on the site as carrots.

Casinos, therefore, need a way of tracking what’s happening once users take action on an affiliate site that leads to a potential action in their Casino. Each affiliate program will need to use some sort of tracking to ensure they have a clear picture of what’s happening at each stage of their ‘conversion funnel’. More often than not, that usually takes place via a combination of cookies and tracking scripts.

For each player referred, the online casino earns a percentage of their net game play over the lifetime course of their account. The amounts on offer may vary, however, they are generally between 20% and 50% of the profits the casino makes from the referred player. If you stop and think for a moment about the vast amounts of money being wagered every day at online casinos across the world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there is a considerable amount of money on offer in the online casino industry.

Types of Affiliate Programs

As previously discussed, affiliates get paid for the traffic they bring to online casino websites. There are three main types of programs for rewarding successful affiliates.


In this model, affiliates are paid a percentage of the online casino’s net revenue generated by referred players. Many affiliates prefer this model because it means long-term income. If a player starts playing at age 25 and gambles until age 65, that’s 40 years of long-term, life-long income! For online casinos it is also an attractive option as affiliates are motivated in the long-term to bring quality players who will continually and consistently generate revenue for the casino. As mentioned previously, the percentage paid to an affiliate varies. Most online casino operators use an individual approach. Many appreciated and trusted affiliate partners can receive to 50% commission on net profits.

CPA (Cost per Action)

This is an affiliate program model whereby an online casino offers a fixed rate for every player introduced. It can be a reward purely for registration, however, more often the player needs to make a deposit and/or wager a set amount for the affiliate to be paid. Online casino operators can be flexible with their fixed rates, sometimes increasing it as an incentive for the affiliate to keep introducing quality players over the long-term.

Creative and Mixed models

Sometimes, online casino operators may often apply a customised approach for high-profile and high-income generating affiliates. For example, operators may offer a combination of revenue share model and CPA. The Online Casino may even negotiate certain upfront payments together with long-term participation rates in casino play. The more flexible Online Casinos are with their affiliates can often be crucial in determining the long-term business success of the casino. Just like any terrestrial business, the better network partnerships grow provides more chances to profit from these win-win partnerships over the long-term.

In conclusion: Benefits of Being an Online Casino Affiliate

Done correctly, becoming an online casino affiliate is an astonishingly easy and effective way of turning your passion for online casinos into profit, but I emphasise the words, ‘done correctly’.

It’s relatively easy, low risk and with small upfront investment required. Which isn’t to say it is not hard work. Setting up any successful business, including a successful affiliate marketing site certainly will be hard work.

However, if you’ve got the ability to attract and keep your audience engaged, becoming an online casino affiliate can potentially be an excellent way of putting some extra dollars in your back pocket. If the decision is made to commit to the affiliate plan whole-heartedly, the sky is the limit and you just never know how successful it could be long-term.

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