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Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 2:16pm by Kathrine Kreger

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If you’re not the type who wants to be in school for years on end, a career in sales might just be what you were looking for. Sales are an industry that rewards people who can perform over anything else, and degrees in higher education aren’t always necessary if you can prove your worth. A good salesperson is outgoing and persuasive because making a sale is the ultimate goal. Those who perform consistently are rewarded with high salaries and frequent promotions. If you have the skills and personality, you can make big bucks doing one of the following sales jobs.

Securities and Commodities Sales

Sales agents who sell securities and commodities to businesses and individuals can earn a hefty salary of about £64,746 per year since the position requires very specialized knowledge. The downside is that nearly every employer will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business-related area of study. Considering that the cost of tuition for a typical four-year degree program at a public university runs just over £19,423, going to school looks like a great trade-off for landing such a high-paying job.

Sales Engineers

Like securities and commodities salespersons, sale engineers also need to have in-depth knowledge of the products that they sell. They are generally required to understand how a product functions by becoming intimately familiar with its inner workings. Since they usually deal with high-tech products such as electronics, car technologies, and biomedical equipment, sales engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in one of many engineering fields. These sales professionals take home about £62,804 at the end of the year.

Sales Representatives – Technical/Scientific Products

Sales agents who work with scientific products used in the fields of chemistry, biology, aerospace engineering, or physics are highly recommended to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, business, or the area of study that the products being sold belong to. While many sales reps of technical and scientific products only have an associate’s degree, they can earn a salary of £55,681 on less than £5,179 worth of tuition.

Non-Retail Sales Supervisors

These individuals supervise sales agents in their daily duties while focusing their efforts on the accounting and administrative side of things. A high school diploma is mandatory for all non-retail sales supervisor positions, and those applying must have at least several years of work-related experience to be considered. Applicants who possess a bachelor’s degree and experience may earn more than £51,796 per year.

Real Estate Agents

Selling private and commercial properties is a big job that can be physically and mentally exhausting. If you are licensed and have what it takes to take listings off the market, expect to earn up to £54,386 a year.

If you are currently on the search to find sales jobs, there is no better tool than the Web for locating a high-paying sales job near you.

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