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Posted on Mar 29 2016 - 9:01pm by Editorial Staff

Health And Beauty

The health & beauty industry is experiencing a boom right now and is great for employment. Check out these great jobs for those that love this industry:

Working In A Beauty Salon

A common job in the health & beauty industry is to work in a beauty salon. With a job like this, you could do any number of things. If you’re a hairdresser, then you could cut and style people’s hair in a salon. Or, other people could provide manicures and pedicures for customers. There is a range of treatments given in beauty salons; it depends on where you work. Most of these jobs require you to be skilled and trained. No one will hire someone that hasn’t had the proper experience or training. Beauty salons are very popular right now, and you should find one on any high street you walk down. There are lots of jobs available, and it’s a great place to further your health & beauty career. Of course, you could go one step better and open your own salon, and start a small business. It’s a profitable idea that suits those with lots of experience in this industry.

Retail Jobs

If you’re a health & beauty lover with limited experience then starting off in a retail job is a great idea. There are companies like Bath and Body Works that specialise in all things health & beauty. If you get a job with them, you can sell beauty products to people and provide advice and guidance on the best things for certain people. It’s not a job you’ll need great qualifications for, but it’s brilliant to try and get your foot in the door of this industry. These jobs are ideal for those with limited experience that loves working with people in a busy retail environment. If working for Bath and Body Works interests you, then you can get more information on applying for jobs there. Of course, there are other health & beauty stores out there for you to work for, this is just the most well known.


One of the most popular health & beauty jobs is to become a masseuse. People often go looking for massages to help them relax or get rid of aches and pains in their muscles. As such, massage parlours are hugely popular and keep popping up everywhere. But, a masseuse can also work in a beauty salon or luxury spa. So, if you train to be one, then there are lots of career options for you to choose from. It can be a well-paid job, particularly if you open a massage parlour on your own. This lets you get as much money as possible from all your clients. Or, go one step further and offer a mobile massage service! You could go to people’s houses and massage them from the comfort of their home. I think this is a good business idea, as many people love massages, but can’t be bothered to go out and have one.

If you want a health & beauty career then one of these ideas would be the dream job for you!

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